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In case you were wondering...

1. What is Classy with a Kick?
Classy with a Kick is my personal blog. It's a mixture of fashion, style, random thoughts, recipes, work out inspiration, shiba inu photos and LOTS of sunset pictures.

2. What's behind the name?
CWAK is how I live my life. I always need to have a little "kick" in everything I do - whether it's a pop of color in an all black outfit, glitter-izing glass containers or doing intervals at the gym - normal bores me. Expect a twist in just about everything I do, wear or eat.

3. What's the deal with these Lace Necklaces?
Long story short...I made some lace necklaces for a DIY project. I got quite a bit of interest in them so I started selling them on Etsy. Open Sky and Glamour Magazine contacted me and I sold my necklaces on Open Sky and got featured on Glamour.com (sweet). I then started working with other bloggers to do contests and feature them in their posts. I even had an entire wedding party wear them. Now they are available in almost every single color possible in my Etsy store along with some other goodies. Check 'em out. (Was that short enough??)

4. Do you get compensated for writing about certain items?
If I do, you'll know! I will tell you if a company has given me an item to review. However, I will NOT ever lie about an item. I will only review them if I like or if I want to be real and tell you the truth. I do use a website called Reward Style for some items that will pay me a small commission should one of you buy an item I recommend. I don't, however, only choose items that pay commissions. I choose the items first and if they are not available through the commission structure, I provide a direct link or do not link the item at all.

5. Why do you cut your head off in WIW posts?
I hate taking pictures of myself so that's what you get!

6. Is your Shiba Inu obsession normal?
Nope. It's not. I am completely obsessed with my babies Kirin and Kona and would have an entire Shiba farm if I could.

7. Where do you live?
I live in a northern coastal town in San Diego. Expect a lot of sunset pictures.

8. Do you ever do blog collabs?
Absolutely...email me at jillj (at) classywithakick (dot) com.

9. How much Lululemon do you actually own?
More than enough and not enough at the same time. My closet & drawers think I have too much. My online shopping cart thinks I could use a few more items. I have a problem.

10. Do you really hate potatoes? How is that even possible?
No idea, but I hate them. And lot's of other random things...

If you have more questions, post them below and I will be happy to answer them!

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