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The Longest Break...Ever!

I mean who takes a two year break from blogging???

**raises hand**

I pretty much expect to not have any followers anymore but I have really missed this place and all of you so I am giving it another go.

Even though it's been a long time, some things never change.

I'm still...

...happily married to this good looking guy...

             ...selling lace necklaces on Etsy...

                         ...LOVING these two fur monsters.

However, when you take two year break, lots of things can change.

Such as my...

...New House - bye bye gorgeous ocean view // hello cute new house...
             ...New Job - same drama. different company....

                          ...and if you follow me on insta you already know my most exciting "new"...

 Crazy Treyzie

                                        ...Baby Trey - aka - Crazy Treyzie - aka - the love of my life. 

I have no idea where this blog will go but I  am hoping it can be everything from fashion, fitness, DIY and mommyhood. Hopefully I will see you guys along the way!


  1. Well congrats on all the big life changes and welcome back!!

  2. Yay! I am trying to get back in the swing too, I am so excited you are coming back and I LOVE following along with the adorable pictures of Trey!

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xo, jill

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