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Help for All Lululemon Addicts!

Classy with a Kick: Help for Lululemon Addicts

Although I can't say I am completely cured - I mean I love my new Live Natural and Cut the Crop Crops more than anything - but I do have a solution for all Lulu addicts that helps to keep more money in your wallet and still allows you to buy new, cute & functional workout clothing. Sure you sacrifice the ever famous Lululemon logo, but everything else is comparable and in some cases, even better.

For those that are new readers, a couple months ago, I told you how I started to break my Lululemon addiction by trying out Fabletics. Well, it's been months and I am still a huge fan! My Black Eureka Top has made it into regular rotation with my Lulu LS Swiftlys. And my camo crops...I seriously LOVE them. They're definitely comparable to all my Wunder Under Crops and are not sheer. Sweet.

Classy with a Kick: Help for Lululemon Addicts - Fabletics Eureka Top
Eureka Top - How cute it is in Aqua???

So of course I was excited to see March's lineup since I skipped February - which by the way, is such a great feature of Fabletics. You can skip a month if you don't love anything or if you want to just save some money that month.

I immediately went for the aqua colored items and after much debating, I ended up selecting the Embodied outfit (below) which consists of the Norwalk Tank and the Foldover Lima Capris.

Classy with a Kick: Help for Lululemon Addicts - Fabletics Norwalk Tank and Lima Capri

I already know I love the Limas since I have the camo version, so that was an easy sell. The Norwalk Tank, however, was tougher. The reviews are great and it's similar to my all time favorite tank from Lululemon, the No Limits Tank but some people were saying it was too loose. Also, I am a bit leery about the white being too sheer but I still gave it a go. I'll let you know how it is once I get it.

Now the fun part for all of you Lululemon Addicts...

If you want to try this awesome new line of workout clothing, you can sign up here (http://www.fabletics.com/invite/22586074) and get your first outfit for $25. That's pretty much comparable to a water bottle at Lululemon so you have pretty much no excuse to NOT try it. There is no long term contract. Once you get your new outfit, you can stop the whole deal without any hassle or you can keep it  going and decide each month whether or not you want anything. As I mentioned, I skipped Feb and it was so easy to do. One click and done; not a penny spent or wasted.

Fabletics is not a total cure for a Lululemon addiction but it definitely helps. Without the initial 50% off,  all items are still 30-50% less than equivalent Lulu items, so you are always saving money. I recommend you try at least try it out and see for yourself! Oh and if you have not already noticed, I am used my invite link so if you do sign up and use it, I'll love you forever. I was not compensated for any of my opinions but I do get points if you all sign up with my invite link. Points = free items and free items = happy Jill! So try it, ok?

Have you tried Fabletics yet or do you have a favorite workout brand? Share your experiences below, if so! 

**Update - I received my items last week and am in LOVE with them. The tank is a bit sheer but somehow still really flattering - go figure. I will definitely order it again - especially if they have darker colors. I might even like it better than the No Limits tank which is a BOLD statement if you now my love for NL tanks! The crops I ordered are also pretty awesome. They are so comfy and the fold over waist is just perfect. It keeps the pants up but also does not create any kind of muffin top. I have no idea how it can do both but it does. Also, because you can fold it over, you can adjust the rise on them to your liking. I usually like a really low rise but on some days, I just want it higher. With these babies...you can do both! If you have not ordered Fabletics yet - DO it!!!!! Only a few more days until April items are released - $25 for an entire outfit - what are you waiting for!!! Sign up here! 


  1. I need to see if they ship to Canada - then I am in!

  2. I LOVE lululemon! My absolute favourite gym wear. Thanks for sharing girlie

    xo Mel
    turquoise blonde

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