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New Upload - Chunky Chain Bracelet Hair Ties

Classy with a Kick: Chunky Chain Bracelet Hair Ties

Hi everyone! This is totally a shameless plug post but I am promoting my own stuff, so who cares, right? :)

So after getting a ton of requests for these bracelet hair ties and selling out of my old inventory, I ordered brand new supplies and re-uploaded new and improved chunky chain bracelet hair ties.

These little babies have been super popular - especially around holiday time as they make perfect gifts/stocking stuffers. Not only do they look cute in your hair but they are adorable on your wrist. No more wearing a ratty old rubber band on your wrist for those hair emergencies (*guilty*).

Metals and textures available are gold and silver - smooth and textured.

Classy with a Kick: Gold Chunky Chain Bracelet Hair Ties

Classy with a Kick: Silver Chunky Chain Bracelet Hair Ties

As you can see, from the front, they look like a normal chunky chain bracelet. Perfect for stacking with watches and other bracelets or just wearing on their own. 

From the side, you can see the elastic which I think gives it a more casual look in additional to making it functional. 

Classy with a Kick: Silver Chunky Chain Elastic Bracelet Hair Ties

The four standard colors are listed below but stay tuned for some new and fun colors/patterns coming up.

Classy with a Kick: Chunky Chain Bracelet Hair Tie Colors

And of course, for all my lovely CWAK readers, get 15% off your order and a set of free regular hair ties when you order by 12/31/13 by using promo code CWAKHOLIDAY2013. 

Order today at https://www.etsy.com/shop/ClassywithaKick and send me a quick note if you do!

Happy Monday everyone! :)

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