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WIOW - Row, Row, Row...

someecards.com - They told me that rowing machines are just like being on boat. But without the water, boat and oars. So really not even close. They suck.

I promise this is not a post about Stand Up Paddle Boarding...although I am still totally obsessed and thinking about signing up for SUP yoga. I think I am crazy.

Anyhoo...for today's WIOW (Work It Out Wednesday) post, I am sharing one of my new favorite workouts...Rowing. On the rowing machine that is...not in the water.

If you have never tried rowing on a rowing machine, you have to do it. It is a great, low impact, cardio and strength workout. While you are performing a "rowing" motion and getting a great upper body workout, you are also getting a fantastic leg workout as well. And if you do paddle board, it can only help build those arm & shoulder muscles for easier rowing. Bonus!

Here are some tricks I have learned that have helped me get the best work out I can when rowing...

Keep Your Resistance Low. People want to try to push it up to an 8 or 9 but it is best to keep it lower (2-5) and focus on your form.

Know the Positions. Here is a great demo with pics and a video from FitSugar that shows you "The Beginning," "The Catch" and "The Drive" positions.

Focus on Your Form. This is so important. Keep your back straight and your core engaged. This helps prevent injury. Also make sure to keep your feet strapped in tight!

Start Slow and Work up your Speed. A slow workout will still help you burn calories and build strength. Don't focus on speed...you will be more open to injury that way. You will get faster as you do it, promise.

I started with a 5 minute rowing workout and have worked up to 20 minutes doing intervals (my favorite). Here's my favorite workout:

For sprints, go fast enough that your RPE (rate of perceived exertion) is about 8 or 9. Keep in mind 1 is easy and 10 is going max speed.  For side to side rows, pull the bar more towards one side and then switch. You can alternate sides each time or do 30 seconds on each side. Up to you! 

I love doing these kinds of intervals to mix it up. It makes the time go by so much faster!

Would you use a rowing machine? If you have, what are your favorite workouts or tips?

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  1. Going to the gym tonight so I will give this a go.. Love this post! :)

    I Pink i Love You

  2. I've never tried it but I can only imagine how hard it would be. Talk about upper body strength - that I don't have!


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  3. I love the rowing machine! My dad had one in our basement growing up and I always used to play on it - so naturally it became my favorite piece of workout equipment as I got older!

  4. I love the rowing machine! It is so awesome! I want one in my house.

    As for the stand up paddle boarding we have been wanting to try it FOREVER, but boards are freaking crazy expensive down here!

    Maybe I'll buy a one time sesh to see it's if it's really for me, but if I fall in love, than my bank account will most likely suffer from it! :):)

  5. I used to row in high school and I loved it!! now i miss this!

  6. it is surprising how much of a workout you can get with a row machine!

  7. I've never been on one, but I will have to give it a try!


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