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My Not So Secret Addiction & Running Shorts Update

Darn it Lululemon...every time I find new short or pant that I love, you come out with an ever newer version that I love even more.

Remember this post where I told you about my favorite running shorts? Well, here is my newest update...so much has happened.

First, I ended up ordering the Run Track Attack Shorts in Pizzaz (orange) and LOVED them - even better than all the others. The waistband is definitely my favorite part. It is super comfortable but also says up. Absolutely no muffin top from these babies! I loved them so much I got a new blue pair. See...

I justified the new blue pair because I didn't actually like the red ones I ordered.

Although these LOOK cute, they were way too short for me. And I am short so I can only imagine what they look like on tall people. If short shorts are your thing, get these. But if not, stick to the Track Attacks!

So when I thought I finally found my fave shorts, enter in the Shake & Break short in the cutest check pattern ever.

These seem like a cross between my Work it Out Shorts and my Track Attack shorts and they combine the things I love about both in one (WIO - pockets, TA - waistband). Of course, I ordered them. And I am glad I did because this pattern sold out in just hours! I will keep you posted on fit, but I am sure I will love these ones too.

I just hope Lulu doesn't come out with an even newer, more awesome short. My bank account can't take anymore cuteness.

Have you ever bought something to have something even better come out just days later??


WIOW - Row, Row, Row...

someecards.com - They told me that rowing machines are just like being on boat. But without the water, boat and oars. So really not even close. They suck.

I promise this is not a post about Stand Up Paddle Boarding...although I am still totally obsessed and thinking about signing up for SUP yoga. I think I am crazy.

Anyhoo...for today's WIOW (Work It Out Wednesday) post, I am sharing one of my new favorite workouts...Rowing. On the rowing machine that is...not in the water.

If you have never tried rowing on a rowing machine, you have to do it. It is a great, low impact, cardio and strength workout. While you are performing a "rowing" motion and getting a great upper body workout, you are also getting a fantastic leg workout as well. And if you do paddle board, it can only help build those arm & shoulder muscles for easier rowing. Bonus!

Here are some tricks I have learned that have helped me get the best work out I can when rowing...

Keep Your Resistance Low. People want to try to push it up to an 8 or 9 but it is best to keep it lower (2-5) and focus on your form.

Know the Positions. Here is a great demo with pics and a video from FitSugar that shows you "The Beginning," "The Catch" and "The Drive" positions.

Focus on Your Form. This is so important. Keep your back straight and your core engaged. This helps prevent injury. Also make sure to keep your feet strapped in tight!

Start Slow and Work up your Speed. A slow workout will still help you burn calories and build strength. Don't focus on speed...you will be more open to injury that way. You will get faster as you do it, promise.

I started with a 5 minute rowing workout and have worked up to 20 minutes doing intervals (my favorite). Here's my favorite workout:

For sprints, go fast enough that your RPE (rate of perceived exertion) is about 8 or 9. Keep in mind 1 is easy and 10 is going max speed.  For side to side rows, pull the bar more towards one side and then switch. You can alternate sides each time or do 30 seconds on each side. Up to you! 

I love doing these kinds of intervals to mix it up. It makes the time go by so much faster!

Would you use a rowing machine? If you have, what are your favorite workouts or tips?

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Tribal Mint & Local Shop Faves

Hansens Ruffle Tube Top (similar here) // J. Crew Shorts // Rosamariposa Necklace (Love the Kate Spade one above) // 
Michael Kors Watch // Steve Madden Wedges (old) // Tory Burch Robinson Bag

I love surf shops. Besides the walls of bikinis, cover ups and shorts that I can ever fit my butt into (surfer girls = small butts), I always seem to find a a dress or top that I need to have in my wardrobe. A couple weeks ago, we went into our local surf shop, Hansens, and I found the cutest ruffle tube tops. They had leopard print and tribal print - I wanted both. However, having enough leopard and not enough tribal prints, I opted to get wild and go with the tribal. So happy I did.

After being on work trips for the past couple of weeks, I finally got to wear it during our HB anniversary getaway.  I decided on mint accents - adding some color while not being too bright. I got a super cute necklace at one of my favorite little jewelry boutiques in Little Italy, Rosamariposa. If you are ever in San Diego and in Little Italy, you have to go there. They have the most amazing accessories at really reasonable prices. And the owner, Monica, is one of the sweetest people ever. If you go and meet her, tell her I sent you! :)

What are some of your favorite local shops near you? 


Insta Weekend - Anniversary Surprise!

Hi everyone! I know I have been MIA...life is just getting crazy and I have had zero time for blogging. I sort of foresee this happening a bit more this summer but I am really going to try to keep blogging as much as I can.

Last week, Jack and I celebrated our 4 year anniversary!

Still in love after all these years...

The night of the anniversary, we went to a local restaurant for some amazing pizza & drinks. We ended the night with our anniversary tradition - watching our wedding video. Mr. Kirin seemed really excited about this for some reason...

Jack and I made a pact to switch off planning our anniversary celebration every year and this year was his turn to plan. He did an amazing job and planned a night away in Huntington Beach. I had never been and I am so glad we went. It is one of my new favorite places ever!

L2R: Shorebreak Keys - so cute // View from Dinner // My favorite magnet - thank goodness we live in a beach house // 
fire pits at the SB hotel // HB beach // Gucci @ the beach! // Cute details in SB // Lobby of SB // Waffles at Bruxie!

We stayed at the cutest place, the Shorebreak Hotel. It is right across from the HB pier and right in the middle of town. The hotel is surf themed and is 100% pet friendly. When I say 100%, I mean it. There are no rules when it comes to dogs. No deposit, no size regulations, etc. You can even dine with you pets in the main restaurant with their own pet menu (outside seating only, but still). We didn't bring the dogs, but you can bet we will be bringing them next time.

For our anniversary dinner, Jack made reservations at Dukes which is where we went when we got engaged in Hawaii. We love all of the Dukes Restaurants (TS Restaurants) so it was awesome that we got to eat there. Our view was pretty amazing...

The next day we spent time at the beach, shopping and eating. We left HB after lunch (Bruxie - waffle sandwiches = best lunch ever) and planned to head right home. On our way through Newport, we saw a marina with kayaks and stand up paddle boards. Since we are kind of obsessed with SUP'ing, we decided to stop in and see if we could rent a couple of boards.

We found this really cute stand called Pirate Coast Paddle Company and were able to rent boards and had a 1 hour excursion. It was such a fun, unplanned, detour! If you are in the Newport area, I highly recommend renting boards from these guys. They even have a glow SUP adventure at night where you are on SUP boards with LED lights that make the water glow around you. So cool.

After we made it home, we were pretty zonked so we had a quick dinner and crashed early. Compared to everything else, Sunday was pretty uneventful full of laundry, napping - nothing exciting.

Now I am rested and ready to start the week!

What about you? How was your weekend? Do anything fun??

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My Favorite Part of July - Nordies Sale!


As a former Seattlelite, I feel like the like Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is like a holiday. I wait for it all year and make sure I take advantage of the presale and the extra points. By the way...remember how I told you I got the Nordstrom Visa?? Well, I have been expensing all my work travel on my card and I have been LOVING the Nordstrom Bucks that keep flowing in! It's like free money!

Anyway, I did some presale damage and then some regular sale damage. I still think I want more but so far I am loving everything I got! I do have a bit of an issue buying Winter things in Summer but they are such good deals, I can justify it.

Looking over my purchases, I seem to have a few obsessions.

Apparently I have thing for track pants.

I also seem to be obsessed with faux leather. 

In addition to the track pants, I got an oxblood faux leather skirt...

...and these amazing Vince Camuto leggings (which I actually bought a while back and returned to get a smaller size).

While faux leather is great, I do love real leather - esp in boots. I thought about getting the Tory Burch riding boots, but I never actually like the fit of her boots so I got these two toned boots instead.

Lastly, I decided it was time to get a new hair dryer since my Sedu is missing its filter and sucked in half of my hair right before we left for our trip. I don't want to talk about it. Anyway, this T3 Featherweight 2 Dryer and Flat Iron  was on sale and it came with a flat iron so I figured why not??

Let me tell you I love this hair dryer. It not only looks cute in white and silver but it dried my hair quickly and there was a lot less frizz. Super happy with it so far! And who doesn't love a free flat iron??

Did you shop the sale? What Fall/Winter items are on your list?

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