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Back home and bitten up!

Hey all!

Just a quick note to wish you all a happy weekend! Looks like the couple weeks of craziness are over and I am hoping to get back to consistent blogging soon. I have been missing you guys!!

I am so happy to be back home and in one of my favorite places ever - North County SD! How cute are these little signs I found at a local beach boutique?? I want them all!

Although I have 18+ mosquito bites (including 5 on my butt - seriously...NOT COOL), I had a great trip to Chicago & UpperMichigan (the UP). If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw that all we did was eat, SUP, light fireworks and build campfires.

So peaceful! First night at the lake!

Super Moon // S'mores // Fireworks - this was the "Girl Power" fountain in case you were wondering. 

Amazing sunsets and it stayed light unitl 9 // Family outing on the lake. 
We had paddle boards, a paddle boat and an canoe. So fun! 

We also hit up a lot of "marts" - a cheese Mart in WI, a fireworks mart in WI and the most famous of the "marts" - Walmart. This was actually the first Walmart I had ever been to a couple years back. In the town of Iron Mountain, Michigan, this is the spot to be! :)

Uncle Sam's Fireworks Mart // Videos of Fireworks //Bamboozle fireworks - reminds me of that Friends episode // 
Jumping Jellybeans - a great fountain // Walmart - we went once a day // 
Kugels Cheese Mart in Lena, WI // Jack with a big bag of cheese .// our favorite cheeses - smoked string cheese 

I am totally "mart" and cheesed out but it was a great time. This weekend is all about laundry, burning off the cheese consumption at the gym and applying calamine lotion. :)

What are your plans this weekend? Anything fun lined up?


  1. womp womp... on the butt even. not fun.

  2. Bamboozled!!! I loved that Friends episode!!!!


    Looks amazing! I love s'mores!


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xo, jill

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