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Splurge vs Steal: Gold Bar Belts

I think I may have spent the best $17.95 (plus tax) I have ever spent. Here's the story...

I've been searching desperately for a gold belt. I've had my eye on this Tory Burch one but am still waiting until Nordies has triple or 10x points to buy it (a couple more Nordies notes won't hurt either).

I have also been loving this St John's version for who knows how long. As much as I adore it, spending a lot of money on a belt that is not an everyday belt is not really for me. Purses, I totally get, but not belts. Because of this, I have been actively looking for copycat versions for MONTHS now.

And then I saw it...just hanging out among the mess of belts during a quick stop in H&M a couple weeks ago. It flashed at me - literally, there was an actual flash. Here it was...a knock off of my precious St John belt for about $150 less!

In about 10 seconds total, I had the belt in hand and was in line to make sure no one else got it. I am not afraid to admit that I have been living in it ever since. It makes me feel like a superhero with special powers. I once wore it around the house with sweats and I swear I could have totally gone to a black tie event or gone out and saved the world. I love, love, love this belt! And for less than $18...how can you not!

Here's how I wore it over the weekend...

j. crew factory shorts // kate spade clutch (old but love this new gold one)

TB gold belt...I am still holding out for you. Hang in there...I will buy you soon enough. Unless H&M gets a similar version...then you are out of luck, my friend!

Would you wear a gold bar belt? What knockoffs have you found recently??


  1. these belts are so cool! there was one i was eyeing from asos a while back but now its gone :( sigh great picks though!!

    XO Meghan

  2. I have to get my butt to H&M ASAP! I've been dying for a gold bar belt and you really can't beat that price! I love your outfit!

  3. So CUTE! And what a steal! Love how you paired it with black!

    Fizz and Frosting

  4. Ahh what a deal you got on the belt! I'm cracking up at your superhero comment :)

    The Tiny Heart

  5. Very cool look!
    Me thinks me needs to invest in a bar belt

  6. i love these belts and im seing more and more of them out! ill probably would have to just go with H&M

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  7. I love this!! No, I haven't had any luck finding any where I am. They are so fun though.


    Fashion and Beauty Finds

  8. Lovin the belt! And I think it's time for me to invest in more shorts and make these white legs tan! haha :)

  9. I am so going to H&M tomorrow to look for this belt! I've been looking for a cheaper alternative as well and need this ASAP!

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