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Loving Lush

Have you guys tried Lush before? I don't know why it took me so long but I am in love with this store and these products.

I was never really a bath fan until we moved into our new house with a tub/jacuzzi. Now, I totally understand why people love them. I've done the bubble bath many times but I recently tried a bath bomb and am now hooked.

I knew that Lush is known for their bombs so I ordered some stuff online and went in last weekend to stock up. I ended up with three bath bombs (dragons egg, ickle baby bot, and golden slumbers), three powders and two mini scents.

golden slumbers bath bomb

As of now, I have only used the Golden Slumbers bomb and I was not really impressed. The scent was very faint and it left little flower buds all over my bathtub that kind of looked like bugs. Most of them washed down the drain but I did have to clean the tub afterwards. And I was itchy for a few hours after my bath. I didn't realize it was from the bomb but then I read the negative reviews online, and I realized it was probably from the little flowers. Needless to say I will not buy this one again and I will make sure to read the reviews before buying anything. FYI - Lush does claim that if you don't like the loose leaves/buds, you can put your bath bomb in a nylon stocking. Note to self, but honestly, I have not had a nylon stocking in years so that probably won't help.

Bath Bomb in action...you can even see the little "bugs," I mean buds!

I am excited for the Dragon's Egg because it ends with a glitter bomb. No further explanation necessary. I will take pictures.

Lush Powders and Bath Bombs - isn't the Robot cute?

As for the powders, I have been looking for a gold dusting powder to mix with my lotion. I love using this during the summer on my legs and shoulders. The Lustre powder has the best gold sparkle I have seen and an amazing Jasmine scent. It's actually moisturizing as-is so I have even worn it without lotion! In love...

If you have a gold powder, you need a silver powder, right? Enter Bare Naked Lady. It's a white powder with subtle sparkles The website says they are gold but they are totally silver. I got it because I wanted to try the scent (I love rose). I have not really used it yet but when I tried it I liked it a lot. Unlike the Lustre, which is a very fine fine glitter, these pieces are bigger and more sparkly.

The Coconut powder I bought to use as a dry shampoo. After trying all the dry shampoos out there, I found that baby powder is the best for my hair. I am not a huge baby powder scent fan so I have been looking for other talc powders to use instead. The ladies at Lush told me that a lot of people use the coconut powder (which is labeled as a deodorant) in their hair so I got some. So far so good...it works just as well as baby powder but with an awesome coconut scent.

For the scents, I got Lust and Orange Blossom. I love the idea of Orange Blossom (I wore an orange blossom perfume on my wedding day) but it's hard to find another one that smells good ON me. I am glad I got the $2 version because this one smells horrible on me! The Lust, however, is the same Jasmine scent that is in the Lustre powder so I liked it. Not sure if I will get a big spray yet, but I do like my little sample.

If you have tried Lush before, what are your favorites? What other bath stores do you go to/order from?


  1. I am am bath enthusiast and I LOVE lush products!
    The French Kiss is the perfect thing to wind down after a stressful day

  2. i haven't tried any new lush products in awhile, so i will need to check them out again. i do enjoy a nice bath after a long day so the bath bombs would be perfect!
    -- jackie @ jade and oak
    -- $75 anthropologie giveaway

  3. I haven't tried any Lush products but I've heard great things about them. The glitter bomb one sounds awesome!

    The Tiny Heart

  4. i'm a huge fan of lush and included one of their bath bombs on my blog today! i've only tried the floral scented ones but i love them all.

  5. omggg yesss!! I have never heard anyone talk about lush besides me!! i loveeeeeee lushhhhhhh. i literally love everything espically their ocean salt scrub. its amazing

  6. A glitter bomb?! I am in! I have been dying to try lush products! I hear such great things about their shampoos and conditioners!

  7. I love Lush bath bombs! Unfortunately, I don't live near a Lush though, and their shipping takes FOREVER.

    The Grass Skirt

  8. I have a few of the bath bombs and they smell AMAZING :)


  9. I love Lush bath bombs! They are my favorite!


  10. i have been wanting to try their dry shampoo for a while now! need to check it out stat.

  11. Isn't Lush the best! I'm totally obsessed, I need to check out their dry shampoo. Fabulous post, love. If you get a sec, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my photo diary from Venice. xo


  12. Lush is amazing! I love their bath bombs and hand creams


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