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My Happies this Week: Shades of Blue

Happy Friday everyone!
Last week we had a Friday Pink Party. This week, we are celebrating my favorite blue things. Let's get started...


A huge shout out to Niki from Glossy Blonde for being such a huge CWAK jewelry supporter. This week, Niki did a style collaboration featuring a white t-shirt on Real Girl Glam. For her outfit, Niki not only wore a CWAK Turquoise Lace necklace but also a silver chunky chain bracelet! Don't you just love what she put together??

Niki, thank you so much for all your support. It really means a lot to me! Hugs!

{Beach Blanket Blue}

In my Lulu haul on Sunday, I picked up a pair of these blue beauties - the Work it Out short.
Not only do I love the name (it's the name of one of my pinterest boards) but the shorts themselves are awesome. They are more of a casual short and less of a running short but that's what I was looking for. They are perfect for hotter days where yoga pants/crops are too warm. Since I have a shopping problem, I got the blue and the black ones. Had they had navy in my size, I would have gotten those too. Love them!!

{Cobalt Blue} 

A girlfriend of mine is getting married in October and we were chatting over drinks this week about wedding shoes. She told me she was looking for blue shoes and then asked me how I found mine. I really realized that it was fate how my shoes and I came to be. I was hoping to find blue shoes for my wedding 4 years ago and for the life of me, I could not find a pair that I liked. I bought a couple back-up pairs but was just not happy with any of them. Then two months before the wedding, I was randomly searching on Bluefly and found the most perfect pair - satin blue Christian Louboutins*, with a platform, in my size. And they were the ONLY PAIR LEFT. If that's not fate, what is?? I still love them just as much to this day.

Confession: I may or may not have ended the night in these non-blue blingy babies. Shhh...

Lastly, to close out our blue theme for the day, here's a little slow jam for #backthatazzup Friday with Whitney.

I know it's not really uplifting but it's called Shades of Blue (blog title) and it's by Nick Lachey (hot). I realize I like his music more when I see him, so if you want to do that - watch this video! Damn Nick!

Have a fab long weekend lovelies! Hope you all have Monday off! 

*FYI, spell check wants to change Louboutins to Glutinous. Just thought you should know! 


  1. Who DOESN'T change into more comfortable shoes!? I think I only wore the uncomfortable ones for pictures and immediately changed. LOL

  2. Your wedding shoes are gorg! I changed out of mine right after the ceremony...my feet were killing me! Have a great weekend!

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    Group Giveaway!

  3. Such a great post! Love your wedding shoes!


  4. I love that you wore blue shoes! That is so awesome. And Niki looks gorgeous. She is so sweet.


    Fashion and Beauty Finds

  5. I think just about ever shade of blue is pretty! Love your blue wedding shoes!


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