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DIY: Roping in the Ribbons

DIY Ribbon Holder Ribbon Organization

Hey all. So this week's DIY SPD project is not super exciting but it has definitely helped me quite a bit. I have been sending out a lot of necklaces lately (yay) and that means I have been stamping and tying a lot of ribbon for each package sent.

Classy with a Kick Packaging
BTW, I had my stamp made on Etsy from this store - great service and the final product was awesome!

So my ribbons were getting really tangled and lost in my supply drawers and I needed a way to organize them. Of course, Pinterest had the answer!

I used this pin and a $1 dollar store basket and literally a minute later, my ribbons were neatly organized and accessible! The only thing I didn't do was put a stick lengthwise through the basket but I really didn't need it.

So not the most interesting or exciting project, but it definitely helped me out. Maybe it will help one of you guys too - especially if you have lots of ribbon, string, and/or yarn laying around the house!

DIY Ribbon Holder Ribbon Organization

Have you done a DIY or Pinterest inspired project or recipe? If so, join me in linking up with the SPD Crew and share your stuff!

Linking up with Stephanie and Katie.


  1. omg I have this EXACT same basket! Need to do this!

    xo Jackie
    Living After Midnite

  2. That is so great that you're selling so many necklaces! I'm not the craftiest person so I don't think I have any ribbon around but this is a cute organizing idea :)

    The Tiny Heart

  3. totally book marking this for my future craft room!! :):)

    thanks again for your necklaces my love they were PERRRRFECT! I will be doing a big ole' post about you on the blog in the next week:):)


  4. Great DIY! I have lot's of ribbons that I can use for this. Thanks for sharing.


  5. I have designated the second room in our new place to be a craft room and I will DEF have to keep this one in mind! Such an easy and cheap solution!


  6. I SO need to do this! I have a bunch of ribbon but I usually keep them in jars, which means I have to dig out 7 colors before getting to the right one. Of course, these days I haven't been using my ribbon much, but maybe I'll get back into it sometime :) Great job!

  7. a lightbulb just went in my head when I saw this pic! Such a good idea. My ribbons are all over the place its ridiculous!! thank you for linking up!

  8. So clever and yet so simple! I'll be the first to admit that I don't keep ribbon around for this reason. It's a pain in the butt to keep organized. Thanks for the tip!


    Jules of Canines & Couture

  9. this is such a great DIY. it is so hard when you can't first find the end of the ribbon or even worse when the ends get tangled up with other ribbon. this is brilliant

  10. THIS IS SO PERFECT. Oh I need to make this asap, my wrapping materials are always such a mess!
    xx, Emily


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