DIY: Date Night Jar

I don't know about you guys, but my husband and I always have such a hard time deciding where to eat each weekend (and some weekdays, of course). We are lucky enough to be surrounded by so many good restaurants, it's really hard to choose. We have resorted to the flipping of a coin method when we are stuck between two options but even getting down to the two is hard for us.

I figured there must be a better way to decide so of course, I turned to Pinterest. Seriously, what was life like before Pinterest (BP)??

Within minutes, I was inspired by these two pins (pin 1 and pin 2). So I took an empty candle jar that I have yet to glitter and came up with my own version of a date night jar. This might be one of the easiest projects ever because all you really need is some kind of container and some craft sticks. For my version, I had some extra river rock laying around so I just used those to help hold the sticks up.

Writing on the sticks was really easy because we have so many choices, but I did put in some randoms for fun (specifically two that say "Jill's Choice" and only one that says "Jack's Choice"). BTW, I can write that in here because my husband does not read my blog - ahem! One of the fun things was that we also put in a couple restaurants that only one of us agree to: me = the Melting Pot (why do guys NOT like melted cheese and chocolate - what is wrong with them??)  Jack = the Mexican restaurant located inside the gas station up the street (don't ask).

We used it on Saturday night and it decided where to go for us which was very low stress, if I may say so.  Now the only question is whether we take a stick out once we have used it or put it back in. I think this depends on when/if I pull the Mexican gas station restaurant...

Decisions, decisions!

How do you decide where to go on dates? Would you use a jar like this?

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  1. That is so funny that you put in 2 sticks for your choice! We usually agree on food (tv shows, not so much). And my hubby loves the Melting Pot! Jack is missing out!

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    1. We agree most of the time, we just can't ever decided where to go. I know...he is. Totally agree! :)

      Classy with a Kick

  2. what a fun idea!!! seriously, what would we do without pinterest?! and this just looks cute too!


    1. I know...I guess we googled but who wants to do that? :)

  3. I love blu ribbon, chart house and pizzacato! great picks!
    A friend gave this to me for christmas, It's such a sweet idea!


    1. Ha ha...they are all local spots! :) We haven't tried Pizzacato yet...is it good? That's Jack's pick.

  4. This is a great idea. We usually end up only going out when I have tickets to a local concert / musical performance.

  5. This is such a great idea. We both hate making decisions. I might steal this one :)

  6. What a great idea! I am def going to have to try this!

  7. This is such a fun idea! Not only do we have trouble deciding sometimes, but oftentimes we don't agree and we come to a stalemate! This takes all the guesswork out of what we're doing - if it's in there, we agreed on it! So fun!

  8. this is so fun!!!! great idea!

  9. I'm obsessed with this. Totally doing with my boyfriend now-- we're fine in the summer, but when it's cold we are SO unmotivated and terrible and making date decisions! Love this idea!

    1. Thanks! I know, it really helps with deciding - esp if you stick to your choice! ;)

  10. Very cute idea I saw this on pinterest too, I like how you decorated your jar. Also I always thought it was a great idea but didn't know if we would actually follow through with using it. I will definitely try it out now since I've seen an actual couple test it out. :)

  11. ahhh literally such a good idea! I definitely need to do something like this! When deciding on where to go to dinner, me and my boyfriend really suck at it! We can never decide!

  12. This is such a great idea! My husband and I are in the same boat at times so we can really use this. :)
    Thanks for sharing!
    Love Sparkle Pretty

  13. This is such a fun idea...and I love the element of surprise!

    The Other Side of Gray


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