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Friday Fun: Me from A to Z

This week for Friday Fun I wanted to do something different. In addition to my about me page, I thought it would be fun to post some random facts about me. I got this A to Z idea from Kelly of Sparkles and Shoes and I loved it!

So here goes...me from A to Z.

A - Available or married?
Married. 3.5 years to this amazingly hot guy... 

B- Book?
Oh goodness...I am reading 5 different books right now and can't wait until our trip where I plan to read about 7 more! My favorite book of all time...Great Gatsby! I am so excited for the movie! 

C- Cake or Pie?
I love both since I was nicknamed Junkfood Jilly as a kid but I would have to say cake. The 21st Century Cake at our local market is TO.DIE.FOR. It is only allowed in our house twice a month. It's that good. 

D- Drink of Choice?
Sparkling Water. I am addicted to it. I sometimes have to have it for breakfast. La Croix is my favorite brand. If you have not tried it, try it now! You will thank me later! 

E- Essential start to your day:
Sitting up for 10 - 20 minutes in bed - I get dizzy if I don't do this. Oh and scratching my dog, Kirin's, back. He makes me. This is not something I choose to do. 
F- Favorite Color?
Green. Green. Green. If you can't tell from this blog or our wedding pictures. I am so happy it's Pantone's color of the year...more green makes me a happy girl. 

G- Game to play or watch?
Definitely the Lifetime Couch Game (warning the couch game can take HOURS our of your day - trust me). I just played the other night after taking a 4 year break. I still got it! Thanks for reminding me of this Brooke! 

H- Height?
In my mind, I am 5'7" but in reality I am 5'2" and 3/4 so basically 5'3". I round up. 

I- Indulgence?
Too many, but probably all forms of chocolate, these cookies, and VG's donuts. 

J- Job?
I've had many (Retail Buyer, Marketing Director, Copywriter) but I am currently an Account Director for an Online Marketing Company by day (love it) and a necklace maker by night/weekend!

K- Kids and names?
Only fur babies - Kirin (white) and Kona (brown) 

(we love blankets in our house)

L- Life is incomplete without?
Family, Friends and Good Health!

M- Music group or singer?
I love Acoustic Guitar/Singer Songwriter artists (Jason Mraz, Jack Johnson, Tony Lucca, Matt Wertz, etc). I am a loyal DMB fan even though I don't love the new stuff. And I love all the songs that I hear on the soft/easy listening station that my mom listens too.  Don't hate, it's good stuff!

N- Number of siblings?
One amazing sister. Here we are in the 80's and last year. Aren't we cute?

O- Overnight hospital stays:
One. Hated it. I hope I never have to go again. 

P- Phobias/Fears?
Emetephobia - fear of throwing up. I know everyone says that they hate throwing up (who likes it?) but I have an actual FEAR of it. Like panic attacks, hyperventilation, all that fun stuff. It's not cool and it definitely limits things I do in life. I can't wait for the day I get over it - so does my poor husband who has to deal with me when I feel sick! :) 

Q- Favorite Quote?
So corny but I love this one:

Honestly if you truly believe this you can get through tough times. I always look at the bad things in life and see what good came out of them. 

R. Righty or Lefty:
Righty. But I do certain things left handed like cutting with a knife and playing the guitar. Well attempting to play the guitar. Does Guitar Hero count? :) 

S- Favorite Shoes
I can't even answer this. Here's why...

...and this is only half of the shoes I own. 

T. Time you wake up:
7 am. I don't mind waking up early as long as I wake up on my own. I despise alarm clocks. I think they make people grumpy. Especially those loud beepy ones...those suck. 

U- Unknown facts about me?
I spent NYE 1999 and 2000 at the Playboy Mansion. Yes, I was fully clothed and yes it was amazingly fun. 

My friend Katherine and I with Mini Me and Noah from the OG 90210.

V. Vegetables you dislike:
Too many to write but mainly potatoes, mushrooms, eggplant and basically any veggie that has been cooked. It's usually easier for me to list the ones I do like. 

W. What makes you run late:
Being totally OCD and checking to make sure my flat iron and curling irons are off.  99% of the time they are so I have no idea why I think this all of the time. I also think that I left burners on even if I have not cooked anything for a week. 

X. X-rays you've had:
A lot. I broke my little toe when I was 8 and had a cast up to my knee with a rainbow walking boot. It was not pretty.  I also spent my entire childhood at the dentist because my teeth wouldn't fall out on their own. My adult teeth grew in and for a short time I had two rows of teeth. Then my new teeth were crowded so I spent 6 years in headgear, braces, spacers and retainers. So yes, a lot of x-rays in my life. 

Y. Your Favorite Food:
Macaroni and Cheese & Artichokes. But not together...that would be gross. 

Z- Zodiac
Aries. I was born on the last day of Aries because I refused to be a Taurus. That's so Aries of me. 

There you have it! I hope I didn't bore you on this lovely Friday. Happy weekend everyone! 

What are your A to Z's? Share some below! Even better, do your own post and let me know you did it! :) 


DIY: Date Night Jar

I don't know about you guys, but my husband and I always have such a hard time deciding where to eat each weekend (and some weekdays, of course). We are lucky enough to be surrounded by so many good restaurants, it's really hard to choose. We have resorted to the flipping of a coin method when we are stuck between two options but even getting down to the two is hard for us.

I figured there must be a better way to decide so of course, I turned to Pinterest. Seriously, what was life like before Pinterest (BP)??

Within minutes, I was inspired by these two pins (pin 1 and pin 2). So I took an empty candle jar that I have yet to glitter and came up with my own version of a date night jar. This might be one of the easiest projects ever because all you really need is some kind of container and some craft sticks. For my version, I had some extra river rock laying around so I just used those to help hold the sticks up.

Writing on the sticks was really easy because we have so many choices, but I did put in some randoms for fun (specifically two that say "Jill's Choice" and only one that says "Jack's Choice"). BTW, I can write that in here because my husband does not read my blog - ahem! One of the fun things was that we also put in a couple restaurants that only one of us agree to: me = the Melting Pot (why do guys NOT like melted cheese and chocolate - what is wrong with them??)  Jack = the Mexican restaurant located inside the gas station up the street (don't ask).

We used it on Saturday night and it decided where to go for us which was very low stress, if I may say so.  Now the only question is whether we take a stick out once we have used it or put it back in. I think this depends on when/if I pull the Mexican gas station restaurant...

Decisions, decisions!

How do you decide where to go on dates? Would you use a jar like this?

Oh and if you've done a DIY Pinterest post lately, join me in linking up with the SPD crew at the Saw it. Pinned it. Did it. link up!

Linking up with Stephanie and Katie.


Dress Overload!

YSL Fashion Quote

With my Hawaii trip being just a few weeks away (who's counting)...I have this crazy obsession with buying dresses for the trip. I learned a few years back that the best thing to pack for these warm, tropical trips are dresses - and a lot of them. Dresses are easy to pack because they fold up small, they are single items so you don't have to worry about matching tops to bottoms and they are versatile - you can dress them up or down with your shoes and jewelry.

I really felt the need to get all new dresses this year as I feel like I'm always wearing the same ones each trip. So I bought. Oh boy did I buy! I decided on mostly lower cost items because that way I can buy more. Genius idea, right?

Anyway, here is what's new in my closet...

Sosie Off the Shoulder Chevron Dress
I imagine I will also wear this one as a top! So 2 for 1 - yay for convertible clothing!

Sosie Colorblock Dress
I am a sucker for a halter dress and this one is so cute in person!

Lulus C'Mon Get Happy One Shoulder Dress
I got this in Peach and Black because I love it so much. A warning to all of you...this style runs super small in the lower body portion. I normally wear a small in dresses and I had to return mine to get a large for it to fit like the picture. It's never fun to have to size up TWO sizes but at least it looks cute now!
Remember, never get stuck on a size... 

Lulus Black and White Striped Strapless Dress
Striped Dress - Sold out but I love this one!
I am always on the lookout for a classic b&w striped dress. This one is perfect!

Tart Collections Jumpsuit Romper

I realize this one is not really a dress, but I am still into rompers/jumpers this season and I think they are so amazing for traveling. Except for the complicated going to the bathroom thing...

Anyway, I love to travel in my Tart maxi dresses so I figured I would try out this jumpsuit. I have to say, I LOVE it. It's super comfy and looks really good on. Of course, I have to get it shortened because it's crazy long (Stacy Kiebler has it so you can only imagine how long it is on me) but that's an easy fix!

I also have my J. Crew Maxi from my Palm Desert J. Crew shopping haul so I am pretty much set. But of course, if any of you have recommendations of cute dresses you have seen/bought lately, send them over. I can squeeze in a little more room in my bag if need be!

What dresses are you loving this spring?


Finally Bootless and Hawaii Dreaming

J. Crew Striped Dress and Bubble Necklace Kate Spade
Kate Spade Purse (old but this one is cute) // Steve Madden Sandals (also old but I love these)

I finally did it!  I finally wore a dress sans tights and/or boots. It really wasn't warm enough and I had to spend the day under my electric blanket but still! I am still awaiting this so-called Spring weather that we are supposed to be having!

I apologize for subjecting you to my scary white legs...hopefully in 24 days these babies will be a thing of past. Hawaii....here we come! I cannot wait until I am lounging at this pool...

Paddleboarding in this lagoon...

And drinking this drink...(or one like it)

It's so close, I can taste it! :)

I am planning on being on vacation for an entire week in April - that means no working, no dog walks and no blogging. However,  if any of you want to guest post while I am gone...let me know!!

Have you gone bootless yet? What trips do you have planned in the next few months??


Cocktails & Colors

Happy Monday everyone!

As I was recapping the weekend, I saw two common themes - colors and cocktails.

Friday was a crazy day for both of us, so as soon as we could, we headed down to the local beach bar and had some much needed drinks. This particular bar is super causal so it was the perfect time to finally wear my new J. Crew. neon striped tee. But I felt a bit too casual for my taste, so I fancied it up with some layered pearls, chunky chains and some heels. A perfect mix! I really love this shirt because the top part is that particular neon coral color that makes almost anyone look tanner than they are. Trust me, I need all the help I can get in that department. Hawaii...are you here yet??

Anyway, this particular bar has the most amazing infused tequila ever - coconut & pineapple. Honestly, it's better than it sounds and mixed with a little soda it's pure heaven! It's like Hawaii & Mexico combined in a drink with no sugar. Amazing!

On Saturday we ran a bunch of errands and I finally got to pop into the Gap to try out the new Skimmer jeans I keep hearing about. I have been dying to add just one more color to my colored skinnies collection - neon pink. I have coral, yellow, mint, and green but I was missing a good neon/bright pink. And guess what, I found the perfect pair. Now my collection is complete...

Although I could use a good pair of lilac jeans... :)

Saturday night, we started the evening with homemade daquiris - rum, strawberries, pineapple and a splash of soda and a fantastic sunset.

Then we headed out Thai food and some evening shopping at the new Whole Foods. Yes, the same Whole Foods we have gone to about 10 times since it has opened a couple weeks ago. We're obsessed.

Sunday was spent relaxing with the furry kids, lots of naps, some crafts (maybe a SPD project) and a BBQ.

Now I am rested, refreshed, ready for the week!

How was your weekend? What fun things did you do??

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FF: Shiba Smiles, Sumo Citrus & Sparkly Nails

Hey all! TGIF!

Today's post is quick because I have a busy morning but I wanted to share my faves for the week before signing off and having a much needed weekend!

Here are my faves this week:

1. Shiba Smiles - Sorry I know all the dog pics are annoying but I can't help it. They are just too cute. And believe me, I only show you guys 1% of the pictures I actually take! But how adorable is this little guy with his Shiba smile...

Kirin Shiba Smile

**Although he was all smiles this night, he had to go in for teeth cleaning the next morning. Let me assure you, this smile has not been back ever since. I think it has something to do with the cone on his head.

2. Sumo Citrus - This amazing Whole Foods just opened up near us (seriously, people are traveling hundreds of miles to come see it) and they had these crazy oranges up front called Sumo Tangerines. Of course I had to get one and wow! It is amazing. The best part....this description of them notes that they are known for their top knot! How cute is that! I wonder if it's really a sock bun! Ha!

Sumo Orange Citrus

3. Sparkly Nails - Well, maybe just sparkly NAIL (singular). But I still love it! I went mint and rose gold this week after being inspired from Jackie's post this week.

Mint and Rose Gold Nails

Also, I want to thank the lovely ladies at Two Leaf Clover for the Liebster Award nomination! If you have not checked out their blog, you must do it. They are the the most gorgeous sisters with amazing style - and they are both getting married this year!! How cute is that?

Oh and because I am a closeted 90's rap and R&B superfan - here's my #backthatazzup selection for #backthatazzup Friday with Whitney from I Wore Yoga Pants!

If you know this one...bonus points for you! 

Happy weekend everyone!


DIY - Smore Peeps Please!

Dorky title, I know. Sorry.

In my previous post, I gave you guys a glimpse into my DIY project for the week. I had high aspirations to do something awesome but this was all I got around to!

First, I have to say that the end result was delicious, however the photos are not so pretty. I fully admit it's because I take all pictures on my iPhone because I can never find my camera. But it's also because I used yellow peeps (the OG's), they didn't make a very pretty end result. They ended up kind of scramble egg-looking... Anyways, I am apologizing in advance...

This particular DIY was inspired by this pin and the free Peeps I got in my Pop Sugar Box.

The ingredients are simple:

1. Peeps
2. Graham Crackers
3. Chocolate (I used Hershey Kisses b/c we went a little crazy at 
Costco a few weeks back and thought we needed 5 lbs of Kisses. 
BTW, NO ONE needs that!)

Once you have everything together, put the chocolate on one piece of graham cracker and microwave for about 30 seconds - or until the chocolate gets all melty. I do this in 10 second intervals so it doesn't burn.

Next, put the Peep on top of the chocolate and microwave for about 10 seconds. It will get really puffy. I tried to take a picture of it but it didn't work so well.

As soon as you take the plate out of the microwave, put the remaining graham cracker on top, flatten and enjoy!

See...looks gross but I promise it was good! 

I make smores a lot and these were pretty fantastic in comparison. The sugar adds an extra sweetness and crunch that regular smores don't have. If/when you do make them, have some napkins handy...these babies are M-E-S-S-Y!

Have you ever tried something different with an old classic? Are you a Peeps fan or not?

Oh and if you've done a DIY Pinterest post lately, join me in linking up with the SPD crew at the Saw it. Pinned it. Did it. link up!

Linking up with Stephanie and Katie.


Preppy in Pink

My style changes day to day. Some days I love bold colors, platform stilettos and blingy jewelry. Other days, I feel the need to be causal and head to toe in Lululemon. Then there are preppy days...pearls, cashmere, plaid and pastels.

Today was one of those preppy days...and a perfect day to wear the Sanuks - again.

Does your style change day to day or do you stick with one most of the time? How do you mix it up?

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