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Messy Hair, Major Sales and Marshmallows

The image is from a book by Todd Parr who has amazing books for kids - 
although I buy them for myself! 

Being blessed with naturally curly hair, I am also very fortunate to have some of the most interesting hairstyles when I wake up (image above is a very accurate portrayal of my morning "look"). Each morning as I sit in bed trying to wake up, my husband and I read our emails, look at our ipads and have conversations. Usually, it lasts about 10-20 minutes before we get up and get ready for the dog walk.

The thing is...during these 10-20 minutes, I have no clue how awful my hair is looking from my restful night of sleep. And my darling husband is fully capable of having an entire conversation with me while I have curls plastered on my forehead, wings sticking out the side of my head and basically a rat's nest on top of my head. I usually get up, look in the mirror and then yell at him for not telling me. His response is either "I didn't notice" or "it always looks like that".

Yesterday morning, however, it must have been extra crazy because he instantly told me I had a Flock of Seagulls hairstyle going on...

Tell me you know this classic line from The Wedding Singer...

I immediately ran to the mirror knowing it must have been awful for him to even say anything. Of course it was and it took a good few minutes to tame the beast - even with a headband.

The best part was when I emerged from the bedroom, I heard this playing LOUDLY in the bedroom... 

Copyright laws won't let me post this video but you can click through 
to listen to the goodness if you'd like! 

Then I saw my sweet husband (the same one that did this last week) hiding around the corner laughing hysterically. He kind of looked like he did in this picture...

Which, by the way, is one of my favorite pictures of him from our wedding. Oh well, at least living with him is not boring!

Moving on...I want to give an extra special shout out to all my new followers this week and to all you lovely ladies who purchased some of my new items on Etsy! This has been a record week of sales and I have to thank you all for helping spread the word!

Lastly, I wanted to leave you with my new favorite quote. I saw this in a store last week and I love it!

Happiness = Marshmallows

Happy Friday everyone! Have a great one!


  1. I'm not a curly-haired girl, but I do have wavy hair. It can do some pretty crazy things when I sleep on it, especially if I got to bed with it wet!

    Fizz and Frosting

  2. Haha! My hair is always a mess in the morning too before I shower. I usually put it in a ponytail to walk the dogs. Have a great weekend!

    The Tiny Heart
    February Group Giveaway!

  3. Oh my gosh that wedding photo is GORGEOUS! You are such a beautiful bride!!! And that is so funny about your hair and your husband! Mine does the same thing, except he uses the word "voluminous" to refer to the fact that it is an insane mess. The very first time he did that, we were out shopping or something - I had washed it and let it air dry - and I thought voluminous was a good thing! THEN I saw myself in a mirror. Ugh!

  4. you and your husband are just too adorable, I am loving your etsy shop SO CUTE!

  5. My hair looks pretty out of control when I wake up in the morning too. I always wonder what I must have been dreaming about to make my hair look that insane. :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  6. I love the marshmallows sign! I'm seriously addicted. I make chocolate dipped marshmallows all the time! I have a recipe on my blog too :)


  7. your wedding photo is adorable! I am so excited to follow your sweet and chic blog.

    I hope you follow back so we can stay in touch xoxo

  8. That wedding photo was so adorable! I am kind of lucky in that my hair is pretty tame and looks fine after a quick brushing in the morning. Congrats on the record sales on etsy. I love the lace items at your shop, especially the green ones.

    Jessica @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  9. My hair is super curly, so I totally get that first picture haha...I DO look that way!

    The Glossy Life

  10. Happiness is really close to marshmallows, isn't it? Now you've gone and given me a craving.

    7% Solution​

  11. That is a gorgeous picture of you guys from your wedding... and don't get me started on morning hair... it's not pretty ;)

    Pearls & Paws

  12. As a naturally curly girl, I can totally relate! I've always been so envious of women who can crawl out of bed and their straight hair is barely messed up. Your description of morning hair for curly girls is dead-on accurate! At least you're brave enough to leave the house. I don't dare do that unless I've showered and tried to tame my curly mess first. Thanks for giving me a laugh and for reminding me I'm not alone. xo

    1. Yay...I love when people can relate! I really try to not leave the house without fixing the mess. If I do, I need a hat or headband to tame it!

  13. I'm hoping you keep writing like this. I love how careful and in depth you go on this topic. Keep up the great work http://home2bis.com/sales-course/


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