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Julep Maven - February Box Review

Last month, I told you about how I was having issues with my Julep Maven subscription. I seriously have a love/hate relationship with them. Long story short, I wanted a box. I didn't get it because my credit card address was wrong. I previewed the next box and didn't want it so I left it alone because the card I had on file did not work. Guess what showed up in my mailbox a couple weeks later?? A box...specifically an unwanted box. I was not thrilled so I called them to "express my opinion" and was put on hold for a good 9 minutes...I swore if they did not pick up before 10 minutes of holding, I was emailing them and cancelling forever.

Those lucky ducks picked up with like 5 seconds to spare...

Needless to say everything was straightened out and I received my Feb box last night. I have to say it was a pretty good box...so I am back in "like" with them again. Can't say love yet...that takes time and healing. :)

**Side note, for any of you who don't know, Julep is a nail polish company based out of Seattle. Their polishes are 4-free (no formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, or DBP). The Maven program is a monthly beauty box for $19.99/mo. You get at least two polishes and a beauty treatment (either a top coat, base, lotion, etc) and some fun extras. The best part is you get a style profile assigned to you when you sign up, however, prior to your shipment, you get to preview your box. Once you see the preview, you can keep it as is, choose a different style or skip the box entirely! It's pretty awesome since you get to choose. That is the reason I signed up in the first place. 

As I was saying, this month's box was good and full of fun extras. I chose the American Beauty Box which had the following items:

Julep Sally: Antique ivory crème

Sally: Antique ivory crème

Julep Joan: Raspberry plum with rose gold shimmer

Joan: Raspberry plum with rose gold shimmer

Julep Oxygen Treatment

Oxygen Nail Treatment: Complete nail care and make-up all in one bottle. Made with a patented Hexanal formulation, nails are restructured to a stronger, thicker, and smoother condition in just one stroke.

Julep Freedom Top Coat

Fun extra #1: The Freedom Top Coat: an innovative formula creates a unique polymer force field that prevents chipping for days longer than regular top coat, leaving your nails with a gel-like shine (but without gel-removal hassle).

Fun extra #2: An eyelash curler. Not sure I will use it but it's a fun item. 

Fun extra #3: Chocolate hearts. Who is NOT happy to get free chocolate??

All in all, I really like both colors. I have been looking for an ivory color since I fell in love with OPI's Swedish Nude (discontinued like all products I love). This one is pretty close. The raspberry color is nice...not sure I will wear it a lot though. The top coat seems good...but we will have to see how my nails hold up. I put it on the right nail of each color. The left nails have my regular top coat. No big difference at first glance but it does have a nice shine! 

Pardon my horrible self manicure...

Have any of you tried Julep Maven? What other beauty boxes do you subscribe to?

*I was not paid by Julep for this post. These are all my own opinions. If you do click on one of the links and sign up, I get referral points. That's about it! Just thought you should know! :) 


  1. Oh that was so smart of you to use the Julep top coat only on two nails to compare! Curious to see how it holds up.

    The Tiny Heart
    Necklace Giveaway!

    1. I'll let you know. One of my nails broke today but the others are holding up! :)

  2. This looks like such a fun subscription! I am in love with the color of the oxygen treatment, although I'm not sure if it's a polish or a lotion! I love light pink!

    The only subscription I have is Netflix! I should try this! Or gift it!

    Great beauty post!


    1. It actually is a light, light pink. I kind of love it! You should definitely try it...you can cancel whenever and skip boxes so you really only get it when you want it! Oh and you can switch colors which is awesome!

  3. Oy sounds like a pain in the butt. Sorry to hear about the bad experiences. I don't subscribe to Julep but have been with Birchbox since it started. I still like getting my boxes but the "thrill" has died down. Their customer service was fine when I had to talk with them...but I haven't had to call them in a long time so who knows how they are now since they are much bigger now. =)

    1. Agreed. I used to do Birchbox was unimpressed after a while. I just got the Pop Sugar box. It looks awesome but we will see what I end up getting!


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