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Hair On, Hair Off

We women have it rough. We are constantly battling with our hair; dying it, waxing it, straightening it - you know the drill. It grows in places we don't want it and doesn't grow in other areas where we need it (hello eyebrows). It's never the right color and always too straight or too curly or too frizzy.

In the span of two weeks I will have done the following... Try to keep up if you can!

1. Removed and am currently attempting to add hair to my brows. Yes, that's right. In one appointment, I got my brows waxed and plucked and then I spent a pretty penny on a growth serum that is supposed grow in the spots where I overplucked. (Honestly, I have not over plucked...I plucked ONCE in college and nothing ever grew back). The serum I am using, LiBrow, is supposed to be amazing with a full money back guarantee. It's only been a week so not sure I see anything yet but I have two more weeks to go.

Li Brow Brow Serum

2. Removed body hair via sugaring. No need to go into details here but I do have to ask all you ladies...do you wax or sugar? And if you sugar...do you think it's more painful than waxing? 'Cause I sure do and I think I might be the only person that says so. I just don't understand how basic lemonade ingredients can turn into something so horribly painful!

someecards.com - Sugar. Water. Lemon Juice. Mixed with ice = yummy lemonade! Mixed into a paste & ripped off your body = worst. pain. ever.

3. Added hair to my lashes. As I mentioned yesterday, I finally took advantage of my group deal purchase from Oct. I went into Blink Lash Boutique yesterday and here are the before and after pics...

Sorry...I didn't do anything to hide my under eye circles. Hope they don't scare you!

The process was super easy. I even took a little nap! It's only been a day but I love them so far. I wasn't allowed to wear eye make up so I didn't do anything to my eyes. Sorry if I have traumatized you in the pictures above. I was hoping you could just look at the lash part. Oh and don't laugh at my brows...remember I am in the middle of brow bootcamp right now! I know they need help!

4. Added hair to my head. I caved...I lasted only 4 months sans hair extensions. I wanted to save some money and give my hair a break. I did and now it's time to go back to long, thick hair. Yes, I will have to add more time to each blow dry and use up more conditioner but it's totally worth it. If you are ever in San Diego or even if you are in So Cal...you must go see Autumn Houston at Autumn Houston The Salon for your hair needs. She is the best at color, extensions and does amazing blow outs. And she is adorable. You will love her. I promise.

Here are my pics from last time...I go in next Wed and cannot wait!

Ok so to recap, I plucked, waxed, serumed, sugared, and extended x2 - all in two weeks. And I get to do all again in a few weeks because none of this is permament. Lucky me!

What hair processes do you put yourself through? Would you do any of the above or do you like staying au natural? 


Neon Knickers

J Crew Neon Pants Gold Toe Cap Flats Tory Burch Robinson

Every time I wear these pants and any time my hubby wears his neon yellow running shoes, it seems the 70+ age demographic likes to make comments about how they need sunglasses to look at us. It's really funny!

These pants are BRIGHT though...I will give them that. I got them last year and am so happy to be able to wear them again. They were a little too much for the winter...plus they are cropped so they go better with wedges and flats.

Speaking of flats...I was so happy to wear these babies again.

H&M Gold Toe Flats

I got them last year as well but I heard a rumor that they were back at H&M! I love them...except for the blisters they created. I guess it's time to get the feetsies back into spring/summer shoe condition. Break out the blister block! (If you have not tried this stuff, you must run out immediately and get it!)

Band Aid Blister Block

I am getting my lash extensions today! Will post pics tomorrow!

What are your favorite neon items?


February Pop Sugar Box

I cannot believe how many beauty boxes are out there. From reading all of your blogs, I swear I read about a new one every day. I have had bad experiences with Birchbox in the past...and have recently had a love / hate relationship with Julep Maven. I was about to give up when I read this article on Ramblings of  Suburban Mom of the PopSugar Must Have Box.

Between the stability ball to the LED watch (I love anything that changes colors) to the hot chocolate on a stick, I knew I needed to get this box. So I signed up...and I waited.

My box finally arrived on Valentine's Day which I know was like YEARS ago at this point, but I wanted to use as much as possible before posting my review.

So here goes...my first Pop Sugar Box:

#1 - Brokedown Spa Wrap. I love a good spa wrap. I even gave personalized versions to my bridesmaids at my wedding and have used mine everyday since...

How cute are we?? You can't see it clearly but everyone's names are embroidered on theirs! 

The Brokedown Spa Wrap is about 10x softer than the one I own. It's a bit shorter but I love having another option. Also this one is pretty light so I might even travel with it. I always miss my wrap when I am not at home. Definitely my favorite item in the box!

#2 - MarieBelle Tresor Box. I got the dark chocolate pearls. I snacked on these and they were pretty good. They have crunchy middles...like rice crispies. I think I am going to use them on ice cream. But, I still have my box of Sees Chocolates from V-day so I am going through those first before anything else!

#3 - Nicholas Sparks Safe Haven Book & song download. Sorry, I am just not a N.S. fan. I might be the ONLY female in the world that has not seen the Notebook (don't hate me). But it was nice to get an actual book. I may or may not read this...we'll see.

#4 - Connoisseurs Quick Jewelry Cleansing Gel. My #2 favorite thing in this box. I used to love the travel version of this stuff but it's really hard to find in stores now. So I have been using the liquid version where you dip your jewelry in the jar. Although it works well, it's messy and kind of annoying to use. This new version is like the travel size but bigger. It's gel, not liquid so it doesn't get all over the place. If you are looking for something to make your diamonds sparkle - get this now!

#5 - Candy Conversation Hearts. Sorry...I hate these. I told my husband I would rather eat Tums then these. I love the sayings, but that's about it. They went in the garbage.

#6 - Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain. I could take or leave this. I tried it on and it was a great texture...really light. But since I only wear light neutral lipsticks, this will most likely go unused. I think there are some lighter colors but I don't think I will search them out in the store.

#7 - Hanky Panky Thong. I live in these so I was so happy to get an extra pair. I actually have these original fit and the low rise and love both. I tried to get the Victoria's Secret version and they are OK. The OGs are so much better. Now I have a bright blue pair which oddly enough, I do not have yet!

So there you have it. I am so excited to see what arrives next month. I would say the value of this box is way over $100 - esp since the Brokedown wrap sells for $84. Totally worth the $35/month.

If you are interested in trying out a Pop Sugar box, go here and order one! Full disclosure - this is my referral link so I think I get something when someone signs up. :)

Would you try this monthly box? What are your beauty box faves?


A Sunny Weekend

Yellow Gingham Blouse Hudson Jeans Bubble Necklace
Gap Gingham Shirt (J Crew version here) // Fake Bubble Necklace - Ebay // Hudson Jeans // Louis Vuitton Speedy //
Power Mini Bracelets // J Crew Factory Belt (similar here) // Essie Tart Deco (my new fave) //
Steve Madden Wedges (other colors here

Hey all! Hope you guys had a great weekend! Our weather finally got better so we tried to spend the entire weekend outside. I was THIS close to wearing shorts but my legs are just not shorts ready yet without a spray (or real) tan so that fell through.

I did, however, ditch the boots and sweater and was able to wear a more springy look. It felt so nice to not have to layer up and wear two pairs of socks for once!

On Saturday, I got to bum around a fun local tourist trap here in San Diego called Seaport Village. It's like a little Hawaiian village right on the marina. Totally touristy but I love it. There are themed stores where you can find pretty much anything you want and totally don't need!

Take this little gem, for instance... It's a "I Heart My Shiba Inu" car magnet. Seriously, I actually spent money on this!

I Heart My Shiba Inu Car Magnet
Super dorky but I love it! 

I was also so excited to find the bracelets I have been wearing every day, Power Minis. Ok so they are not the most fashionable bracelets but they are supposed to be healing and bring your strength & power. So unless we are going to a formal gala, you bet they are on my wrist. There are so many to choose from but I got the following...

Power Mini Bracelets

I got these when we were coming back from Hawaii and I had a new dog, new job and a big move on the horizon. I needed all the strength and power I could get so I figured why not? Who knows if they work but all has been good so far! I was excited to find a place in SD that sold them so I can get more or replace any of the ones I end up losing or breaking.

On Sunday, we took about 3 hours out of running errands and did an amazing beach walk. I still can't believe this is our front yard!

Jealous?? :)

How was your weekend? Do anything fun?


Messy Hair, Major Sales and Marshmallows

The image is from a book by Todd Parr who has amazing books for kids - 
although I buy them for myself! 

Being blessed with naturally curly hair, I am also very fortunate to have some of the most interesting hairstyles when I wake up (image above is a very accurate portrayal of my morning "look"). Each morning as I sit in bed trying to wake up, my husband and I read our emails, look at our ipads and have conversations. Usually, it lasts about 10-20 minutes before we get up and get ready for the dog walk.

The thing is...during these 10-20 minutes, I have no clue how awful my hair is looking from my restful night of sleep. And my darling husband is fully capable of having an entire conversation with me while I have curls plastered on my forehead, wings sticking out the side of my head and basically a rat's nest on top of my head. I usually get up, look in the mirror and then yell at him for not telling me. His response is either "I didn't notice" or "it always looks like that".

Yesterday morning, however, it must have been extra crazy because he instantly told me I had a Flock of Seagulls hairstyle going on...

Tell me you know this classic line from The Wedding Singer...

I immediately ran to the mirror knowing it must have been awful for him to even say anything. Of course it was and it took a good few minutes to tame the beast - even with a headband.

The best part was when I emerged from the bedroom, I heard this playing LOUDLY in the bedroom... 

Copyright laws won't let me post this video but you can click through 
to listen to the goodness if you'd like! 

Then I saw my sweet husband (the same one that did this last week) hiding around the corner laughing hysterically. He kind of looked like he did in this picture...

Which, by the way, is one of my favorite pictures of him from our wedding. Oh well, at least living with him is not boring!

Moving on...I want to give an extra special shout out to all my new followers this week and to all you lovely ladies who purchased some of my new items on Etsy! This has been a record week of sales and I have to thank you all for helping spread the word!

Lastly, I wanted to leave you with my new favorite quote. I saw this in a store last week and I love it!

Happiness = Marshmallows

Happy Friday everyone! Have a great one!


A Dream Come True...Custom Bikinis

Each spring/summer, I browse through the Victoria's Secret catalog hoping to find the perfect swimsuit. Each year, I am let down. I never love the styles and I never love the patterns/colors. If, on the rare occasion, I do find something, I am overwhelmed with the fear that once I wear it, I'll see someone else at the beach/pool with the same suit. This has happened way too many times for me to note and because of it, I have stopped ordering from them all together.

Although I found my newest bikini crush in Hawaii and while I am trying to figure out my next purchase (I'm thinking metallic silver...), I still wish I knew how to sew so I could make my own suits the way I want them.

Enter Mikini, a gem I found on Pinterest (of course). Mikini allows you to customize your own bikini through their bikini builder mixing styles and colors to your preference. What?? This is seriously like a dream come true! I can make my own suit from their amazing assorted colors/prints and I don't have to thread a needle (is that what you need to do to sew??)

Once I found the site, I spent HOURS -- honestly, too many to even admit -- building so many options I am having a hard time pulling the trigger on one. Here is what I put together so far...I think I have a thing for stripes.

Which one to choose?? I have no idea and it's eating away at me (not really but it's a tough choice). I want to order all three but I would rather start with one and see how it fits/quality before committing.

Which one do you like best? Do you like idea of customizing your own bikini or would you rather just buy what's out there?


Upload: New Colors, Styles & Chunky Chains

Disclosure: this post is 100% sponsored by me! I am so excited to finally have uploaded some new items to my Etsy store. Check out the new goods...and don't forget you guys all get 15% off your order when you use the coupon code CWAK2013!

1. New Colors of the OG style added! These are a best-seller so I added some new fun colors. Coral & lavender should be added by next week! Neon yellow and turquoise, the top selling colors are still available!



2. New Style. Well, sort of a new style. This was the style used for the Glamour/Open Sky sale. I promised them exclusivity but now that the sale is over, I can sell these babies to the public! Remember these were featured on Glamour.com!

whatever you want to call it!


Raspberry (first one to sell out on Open Sky)

3. Chain Bracelets. I had a lot of request for simple bracelets using the chains for my hair ties and did so many special orders, I figured I would add them to the mix. They are simple & chic...perfect alone or with stacks of bangles & oversized watches. And only $15 - a steal if you ask me! :)

Still to come...a brand new product that I know you will love! Stay tuned!


Such a Rebel: Five Classics I Will Never Wear

I know it sounds harsh, but let me explain! I love a good classic...I am all about having key pieces in my closet that last through each season. To me, these are the items that are worth a few extra dollars and the ones I tend to buy in multiples.

However, there are some known classics that every woman either has or should have; every woman except for me. It's not that I don't like them per se...I just don't like them ON ME. Whether it's a past experience or just my personal taste, the following are classics you will most likely never see me wear... (I say most likely because a few years ago I would have said flats and shorts and now I wear them like crazy).

Here we go...

1. Wrap Dresses - Wrap Dresses (specifically classic DVFs) are known to fit every figure. They are supposed to highlight curves and hide problem areas. Maybe that works for most people but for me, they look HIDEOUS and highlight my problem areas. First, I have no chest so there is no peak of cleavage bonus. Second, I basically have no waist but what would-be-considered-my-actual-waist is so high I don't want to draw attention to it. So really these are no-go all the way around and unless my body changes drastically. It's a little sad because I love DVF and her prints but at least she makes other styles I can enjoy!

Loving this DVF Shift Dress that I could totally wear!

2. Red Lipstick / Red Nail Polish - No matter how hard I try, when I wear red lipstick or polish, I look like I am dressing up in my mom's clothes/makeup. It just doesn't look right on me and I have tried pretty much all different shades of red. Also, I am a big smokey eye girl (I am addicted to eyeliner, remember) so I tend to always have a neutral, pale lip. Maybe I am just so used to pale lips that it looks extra weird on me. Who knows but you won't see me in it!

3. Denim Jackets - I think the 80's and 90's ruined me forever. I probably had like 30 denim jackets and no matter how in they might be, I can't help but have flashbacks of my jean jacket with NKTOB pins all over it. Ugh...I just can't do it again. One exception to the rule...white denim jackets. I am not 100% sure I could do it, but if I do, white is the only way to go!

I've always loved this pin - not sure if it's the jacket or the dog, though!

4. Strappy Heels (non-platform) - There are two main reasons I won't wear a basic strappy heel. One, I am addicted to platforms and any heel without an elevated toe is a no-go. Two, my feet tend to flatten (my husband laughs when I say that, but they do!) and they don't look great with straps going across them. But, add in a 2 inch platform and a 5-6 inch heel to any of these babies and I'll rock them. Like these are perfect for me...

5. Real Leather Pants - I want to say it's because I love animals (I do) but really, I won't ever wear real leather pants for the sheer comfort factor. I don't have super skinny legs so they are always tight on me and they just don't stretch when you move. Then there is the heat factor...and the fact that Ross had such a hard time with them. Never forget Ross and his leather pants...

If the paste matches the pants, you can make yourself a pair of Paste pants - ha! 

So there you have it, five classic pieces I refuse to wear.

What are some items considered classics that you won't / don't wear??

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