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The Perfect Nude...

Nude Lipstick MAC Viva Glam Gaga NYC Circe

Confession...I am a beauty product junkie. I wholeheartedly admit it. Between nail polishes and body sprays from lipsticks to deodorant*, I am a legit collector.

*Funny story about the deodorant...when I was a teenager, I had collected so many, my mom actually banned me from getting more. I honestly had to sneak them in the house and hide them so she wouldn't see them!

One issue I always seem to have is that I tend to fall in love with products that get discontinued too quickly and then I am left searching for replacement items. Trust me, this is a very dis-heartening situation to be in. There are very few direct replacements out there. However, due to my persistence and my obsessive nature, I have actually found some great substitutes in my search. And when I find them...pure joy!

Take my latest copycat find...NYX lipstick.

Let's start at the beginning. I am addicted to nude lipstick. And when I say nude, I mean most of my lipsticks look like concealer. My main go to is Myth by MAC but last year MAC introduced the Viva Glam Lady Gaga line and the nude shade was pretty much the best nude I have ever found. Of course, I forgot to stock up and when my tubes were done, I found out it was no longer available. Total bummer.

Like any obsessive collector, I did some research and found someone had recommended trying NYX Circe lipstick as a replacement to the Gaga shade. Of course, I ran right out to try it and low and behold...a perfect match!

Here is a pic of both...really close, right? The best part...the NYX shade is not only available, but so much more affordable.

Nude Lipstick MAC Viva Glam Gaga NYC Circe

Since I love nude / pale lips, I tried out a couple more NYX colors that I absolutely love. Both are pinks but very pale so I will actually wear them.

Pink #1 - Gala

NYX lipstick gala pink

This is a perfectly opaque light pink. Not an every day color but great for nights out and for when I have a little more of a tan. Note, this color is very pale and needs a bit of gloss to make it shiny and to make the coverage more even.

Pink #2 - Athena

NYX lipstick athena pink

This is a fab pink frost. Even though it's a little 80's, I have always loved a good pink frost. It;s also not an everyday color for me and also something that will probably look better after my next Hawaii trip. Basically, I need a tan and these lipsticks are just reminding me of that! :)

Here are both on my hand so you can see them on...

nyx pink lipsticks athena and gala

All together, I am so excited about my new finds. I even see a collection in the near future. I just hope my mom doesn't find out this time!

Have you found any great copycats lately? What is your favorite lipstick?


  1. That lipstick really looks like an exact match for the MAC one! I don't wear lipstick since I can never find the right shade but I'll have to check out the nude one. It would go great with a smokey eye!

    The Tiny Heart
    Sephora Giveaway!

    1. Nudes are perfect with a smokey eye...and just about anything. The NYX shades are good to try out since they are so affordable!

  2. Haha, you were a deodorant hoarder, that's hilarious! Oh I've never really tried a nude lipstick before!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  3. I love my MAC Viva Glam Gaga but this is a great dupe!

    1. Since it's not available anymore, this is a perfect sub! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. These are all really pretty colors! And the NYX shade matches the MAC almost exactly! I am definitely going to pick up the nude!

    1. Thanks Niki. You should definitely try it out - it's a great color.

  5. Very pretty shades! I love nude colors but find them hard to wear because I'm pretty pale. I'd love to see a post with you showing the nude colors on you!
    Isn’t That Charming.

    1. Yeah, they don't work on everyone. I look horrible in colored lipstick although I wish I didn't. One day I will post the colors on my and not just my hand! :)


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xo, jill

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