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Staples and Go-Tos

Lately I realized that when I can't think of something fun & creative to wear, I turn to my classic go-to winter outfit; a sweater, button down shirt, skinny jeans and boots. The thing is I wear this almost every day but I have so many variations they somehow look different.

Like I collect lipstick & deodorant, I collect staples. Basic items that I know can go with everything. If I find a sweater I like (ahem, J Crew Tippi), I'll buy it in multiple colors. The outfit above consists of things I own in different colors/variations.

Here are my staples/go-tos:

The Sweater. I am a huge fan of J Crew tippis - as noted above, Gap crewnecks and Banana Republic v-necks. H&M sometimes has a good sweater but the quality can be iffy. Buy these with caution!

j crew tippi sweater
how awesome is this light pink color - I want!

The Button Down. Hands down, J Crew makes the best button down shirts but I do often buy from the Gap as well. Theory blouses are amazing for work and for layering but they are usually basic colors. I am a sucker for gingham, polka dot and animal print blouses to add some excitement to my outfits. Hence the name classy with a kick...

gap cat print blouse
Yup, those are cats and I think it's pretty damn awesome!

The Jeans. I love skinny jeans but they MUST have stretch otherwise I won't wear them. My faves are True Religion and Hudson. I want to like J Brand but they don't fit me that well. I have a couple pairs that tend to stay on the hanger more often than not. For colored jeans, I like to buy those cheaper because I am not sure I will wear them long term. Gap and Urban Outfitters have really great affordable options.

true religion skinny jeans
i heart these TRs!

The Boots. I have 3 pairs of Corso Como boots so you probably see them a lot in my posts. I have black, tan/cognac, and dark brown. I love that they are basic, comfy and roomy enough in the calf to wear with almost any pants tucked in. This is key and believe or not, hard to find. Any ladies out there with anything except stick legs can probably relate. PS - to all of you, I have a secret that I will reveal about getting the perfect fitting boots. More to come later..

corso como boots

The Statement Necklace. Although the style changes, I always have one on. Monograms & script necklaces are my new fave. Lace necklaces will always be a top choice and pearls and bubble necklaces work with almost everything.

Lace Statement Necklace by Classy with a Kick

It's like I always say...if you find something you like...stick with it and buy at least 3! :)

if you find something you like, stick with it and buy at least three

What are your staple pieces? Do you buy multiples of items you like or do you like to mix it up?


  1. I love your necklaces! I am a huge fan of the J. Crew Tippi sweaters too! And I love those boots!

  2. What a great look - JCrew, Vineyard Vines, Lilly Pulitzer and Kate Spade are the ultimate preppy stores!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  3. I love the sweater and blue gingham blouse! And those boots need to live in my closet!


    1. They are so easy to wear and comfortable! I highly recommend them!

  4. The J.Crew Tippi sweater is an awesome staple, and so are those camel boots - so cute!

    The Other Side of Gray

  5. Can I ask you what the font you wrote "classy prep" in is? Because I love it.


    1. Sure, it's a handwritten font called Ellie Bellie. If you email me directly, I'll give you the link!

  6. A button-down and jeans is my go-to combo when I'm running late! It's so easy to throw on and you always look polished! Great picks.

    xx Elizabeth
    Champaign Taste

  7. Those pieces would look wonderful together. I would love that gingham top. xx. McKenna Lou

  8. i totally agree with you on if you like something stick with it and buy three, i say amen! i am loving jcrew factory lately like a lot a lot

  9. I'm loving that spiked necklace - so fun!

    Pearls & Paws

  10. this is a perfect outfit!!! complete with the best handbag ever made:-) I've been eyeing that cat blouse too:-)


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