Shorts in Winter

Cashmere Polka Dot Sweater, Lace Shorts, Stella and Dot Earrings, Wedge Booties
J Crew Sweater (color sold out but this one is similar) // H&M White Blouse, Lace Shorts (similar here)
& Booties (similar here) // Chanel Purse // Stella and Dot Earrings 

Since I started wearing shorts again, I've had a hard time NOT wearing them during the winter. I keep looking at my shorts collection and keep thinking of ways to wear them. I figure if I throw on some tights, booties or boots and a warm sweater, I am good to go. Right?

Last weekend I wore my polka dot cashmere sweater with my black lace shorts, tights and my new H&M wedge booties. I felt like it was very "wintery" but I am sure I got some "what is she thinking wearing shorts in THIS weather" looks. I get it, it's a little weird, but it's much better than the ladies I saw in Vegas a couple weeks ago running around in tiny little dresses in 30 degree weather. I bet if they saw my outfit, they would be jealous of how warm I was! So there! :)

Do you wear your summer items in the Winter or do you leave them for warmer months only?


  1. I love wearing shorts with a sweater, tights and booties in the winter! Those lace shorts are fabulous!

    1. Thanks Niki. This is my first year doing the shorts thing so it's all new to me! :)

  2. This is such a cute look! I have yet to wear my shorts in the winter with tights, but it's something I definitely want to try :)

    The Tiny Heart
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    1. You should definitely try it! See, a new outfit inspiration. :)

  3. This is such a cute outfit and a perfect way to wear shorts in the winter!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

    1. Thanks lady! It's always fun to push some boundaries...as long as you stay warm! :)

  4. You can totally wear summer items in the winter! You just need to make them cold weather appropriate by adding a sweater, tights, etc which it sounds like you did!

    - Kaitlyn
    Boardwalks & Boulevards

  5. Love the outfit you put together - that sweater is the cutest!

    The Other Side of Gray

  6. I definitely wear shorts during the winter. I have so many more pairs of shorts than actual pants.

    1. So you might as well make good use out of them, right? I'm with you. It's a shame to see them just sitting there unworn! :)

  7. I think that this is bold but absolutely adorable. I wish I could rock the winter shorts look! Great look :)

    Currently Coveting


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