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Getting fancy up in here...

girly leather - silk shirt & leather skirt
J Crew Blouse sold out but I am loving this one!  // Vegan Leather Skirt (similar here) // Gucci Clutch // 

Since we moved out to the beach, I have found my wardrobe getting more and more causal. Living downtown, you can get away with a lot more. Living in a beach city, just wearing leather leggings can make you stand out like you are wearing sparkly booty shorts at the grocery store.

With that said, a girl still has to dress up every once and while, right?

We went out with some friends a little while back and I took full advantage and got fancy. Well, fancy for beach living...

A few months ago, I got this fantastic vegan leather skirt from H&M and this bright silk windowpane blouse from J Crew. It was finally time to put them both together with some booties, tights and pearls. There is something fun about silk & pearls with leather...kind of like a bad-ass school girl kind of vibe.

Of course, as soon as we got home, I went right back to lululemon yoga pants and a hoodie...but at least I was fancy for a few hours. As much as I miss dressing up...having this view every morning...

...and this view every night...

...makes it all worth it!

Does your living situation affect how you dress? What do you wear that makes you stand out?


  1. Oh my gosh that sunset! And I change when I get home too :) I love that outfit sooo much!

  2. Hi Jill,
    thanks so much for the follow and for reading my blog. I'm following you right back.
    I understand what you mean about circumstances making our wardrobes a bit more casual...I'm finding the same thing since I left my office gig.
    Have a lovely day, dear
    XO, Gina

    1. Ah yes...I used to have so many more fun outfits when I worked IN an office. But the trade off of working from home is worth it!

  3. I live at the beach too and people definitely dress very casually here. Lots of sweats around, but that's just not me...so I'm okay with being overdressed :)

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    1. I am falling into their trap. At least I can find a way to dress up my sweats somehow. :)

  4. I love that pink shirt from jcrew and am kicking myself when i didn't pick it up on sale!

  5. Thanks for stopping by Maria. I will definitely check out your blog!

  6. I am loving your leather skirt! It would be the perfect edgy touch to every outfit. I am so glad I came across your blog. I will definitely be following you. xx. McKenna Lou

    1. Thanks...I'll be checking out yours as well! :)

  7. love those little black booties, i want them! and yes, i live in LA so it almost always feels like summer which isn't that fun when you want to wear cute fall/winter stuff!

    PS-visit my blog to enter my Jack Rogers giveaway!

    1. Thanks Whitney! Totally agree but at least we have sun! :)

  8. I used to live in a city and now I live in a beach town too (with a lot of old people) so dressing up is not something that people do around here! I miss dressing up sometimes :)


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xo, jill

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