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DIY Bracelet Storage - Glitter Style!

As much as I LOVE the container store and their creative storage solutions, I have never been satisfied with the options for jewelry storage - specifically bracelet storage. As you probably know, I have everything from dainty bracelets to huge cuffs & bangles and nothing seems to organize and hold them to my satisfaction. However, I have learned in these instances to stop complaining, get creative and make something on my own!

Of course, I looked to Pinterest first for ideas and I stumbled upon this image...

Source: ispydiy.com via Jill on Pinterest

How fabulous is this? The issue was I didn't have any cute champagne bottles on hand. What I did have, however, was that cute starfish cuff, some wine and champagne bottles that needed to be emptied {consumed} and lots of glitter. I mean, who doesn't have 4 bottles of metallic glitter on hand at all times?

Armed with my glitter, mod podge and some {now} empty champagne & wine bottles, I went to work.

Supplies: Mod Podge // Glitter // Foam Brush // Empty Clean Bottles (wine or champagne)

Step 1:  VERY IMPORTANT - Mix the mod podge and the glitter together. This eliminates all that glitter fall off that gets EVERYWHERE! The key here is to mix in enough glitter to get good coverage. I recommend doing this in small batches so you don't waste too much glitter. You will need to to a couple coats anyway. I used both matte and glossy Mod Podge and to be honest, there is not much of a difference. I recommend both.

Step 2: Paint a LIGHT coat of the mixture on a clean bottle. Doing a light coat first is super important for a smooth result. You have to have patience if you want these to turn out fabulous. :)

Step 3: Let the first coat dry for an hour or so. If it's light, it will dry quickly and you can easily see your glitter coverage. This will help you mix up your next batch, noting whether you need to add more glitter or not.

Step 4+: Keep painting on light layers until you have the desired result. If you love the color of your bottle, having some show through will be ok. If you don't you may need 4-5 coats for full coverage. The fun thing is...you get to decide!

Variations: I have yet to experiment but you could very easily paint on the glitter using a stencil to get a cool design or initial on the bottle. Keep in mind the bracelet stacks are only on the top part so you can get crazy with it. Using tape could also make cute stripes or designs...I think I will try that next time I finish a bottle of wine or champagne (aka this weekend).

So there you have it - my DIY bracelet holders that are sparkly and fabulous! Now, what to do next??

What do you do to organize your jewelry?

**Yes, I know I suck at taking pictures...sorry. No excuses...just a bad camera and no photog skills! :)

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  1. I love this DIY idea! the bottles look so fun with the glitzy paint! Crafty Idea!!


  2. I am so in love with this!! I must do it!

    1. It's fun and if you drink enough wine, you always have a new one to make! :)

  3. That is such a fun idea, and it looks great too!

    The Other Side of Gray

  4. Well this is a genius idea isn't it! I swear I feel dumber after being on Pinterest. Definitely need to do this.

    1. Me too. So many things I wish I thought of myself. But I like to take an idea and change it just a bit. :)

  5. I love doing this!! Its becoming a habit now that every bottle I finish I save!

    xo Jackie

  6. these are so cute! love that you did yours sparkly - i'm inspired to try this!


  7. i love this idea! how original, and seriously, it's a stroke of genius to mix the glitter with the modge podge!

  8. Ha, I know. Gotta love Pinterest! This really helps to see everything...I was having that problem before. :)

  9. This is an adorable idea! I used to do this in high school, I would melt a candle at the top of the bottle and let the wax trickle down the bottle. It was weird but I loved it!


  10. what a great idea!! i love the metallic colours!!! :D so posh!

    Click me for my NEW BLOG

  11. loooooooove this! what a great idea for bracelet storage!
    found you through the link-up... ps-I'm your 100th follower! :)

  12. This is a great idea!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Friday girl!

    Pearls & Paws

  13. WOW these look great!! Totally fab ! I wish I was more crafty.

    Ali of


    1. Thanks Ali. These are simple...Im not very crafty either but I am good at emptying bottles! :)

  14. It totally looks amazing ! I might give it a try as well ! Thank you forthe inspiration.

    1. Thanks! Definitely give them a try...super easy!

  15. That is a really cute and creative idea! Happy Friday!

    The Tiny Heart
    January Group Giveaway!

  16. The bottles look great! Can you tell me what the little thing is you're using to mix the glitter and mod podge?

  17. Love these! Totally doing this!!


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