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Wunder Unders, gucci, uggs, north face,
North Face Vest // Sweater // Puff Ball Hat (only $1 - can you believe it??) & Scarf - H&M  // 

I know I shouldn't complain because I live in Southern California, but it is CCOOOLLLLDDD here right now. I guess if I wasn't doing 3+ dog walks per day, I wouldn't notice it as much but I seriously look like I live on ski mountain; not the beach.

The image above is a typical daily outfit consisting of some form of leggings (Zella and Lululemon are still favorites), a big, soft sweater (cashmere preferred - it's much cozier), puff ball hats (I have two and my collection is growing...), a puffy vest or jacket and boots - usually UGGS or Hunters if it is sucky and raining. I hate rain; I have no idea how I ever lived in Seattle!

We just booked our spring trip to Hawaii (yay) and although we have a fabulous beach view from our new house, I am dreaming of the hot sun to go along with it! April can't come soon enough. For now, brrrrrr!

What are your go-to winter outfits? 


  1. I am a sucker for a big, soft sweater! And I hear you - when I lived in Florida I remember calling my dad crying because I was so cold, and it was 55 degrees. Now that I live back up north, I'd be in a t-shirt in 55 degree weather!

    1. Ha! I know...I used to think this weather was pool weather when I lived in Seattle! I must have been crazy!

  2. Super cute look. I love anything red, so I love the pants. I am in Ohio and it's been in the 20s! Heather

    1. Thanks Heather! You probably think I am nuts for complaining but it feels like the 20s here compared to what it used to feel like in the spring/summer! Stay warm & happy weekend!


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