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140 more and a Giveaway!!!

Classy with a Kick Hair Ties: Black, White, Gold, Striped, Chevron

Ok friends...I just realized that I am just 140 page views from hitting 100,000 page views. I know some of you guys get that in one day or one month but for a sporadic blogger that has never done a huge rafflecopter giveaway with just a handful of followers, I am excited.

So excited, in fact, that I am going to give away a set of really cute hair ties from my Etsy shop to someone who leaves a comment below! No need to do anything but just say hi and you'll be entered to win this really cute set!! I never get too many comments so your chances of winning are really high. :)

Happy Tuesday everyone!


I am True and I am Naked...

Classy with a Kick: I am Fragrance Review

Oh lord, I am going to kick myself for this post title once the weird google search traffic starts coming in like before... Seriously, why do I do this to myself??

Ok so let's clarify... I am not sitting here naked writing this post. In fact, it is so cold here in SD that I am far from naked in my fuzzy socks, sweats, thermal top, hoodie and electric blanket (a MUST in winter).

I am, however, totally in love with my two newest perfumes from the I am Fragrance Line; I am True & I am Naked.

Classy with a Kick: I am Fragrances

Backstory - while browsing one of my favorite little boutiques in Del Mar a few weeks ago, I saw a little colorful display of roll on perfumes. Since I like wearing unique scents, I am always drawn to lines that you don't normally see. These little fragrances looked so cute and there were about 10 to choose from. However, the "nice" lady standing next to me decided to spend about 30 minutes smelling all of them and I couldn't get in to take a whiff.

So I left...

But there was something telling me I was missing out, so I went back after dinner and let me tell you, I am SO glad I did.

These scents are amazing. I fell in love with at least 4 of them and it was really hard to choose. Since I need to let perfumes sit on me for a while (they always change after I wear them), I put on a few that I really liked and left the store knowing that if they didn't turn on me later, I would order them immediately.

About 10 minutes later and without any knowledge of my perfume sampling, Jack told me I smelled really nice. When your husband tells you that and you can tolerate the scent, you MUST go right out and buy whatever it is that you were wearing...don't you agree?

So I did and within an hour, I had placed an order for my two favorites of the bunch.

I am Naked (the one Jack liked)

Classy with a Kick: I am Fragrance I am Naked

I am Naked is a fresh but sexy scent that literally attracts people. Every time I wear it, people ask me what I am wearing or compliment me on it. The website says it has notes of: Bergamot, acai’ berry, jasmine, geranium, ylang, violet, sandalwood, oakmoss.  It's an interesting combo but it smells SO GOOD together. You have to try it! Just be aware that random people will ask you what you are wearing. 

The other one I bought was...

I am True

Classy with a Kick: I am Fragrance I am True

I am True is a gorgeous, tropical scent that will instantly make you feel like you are on the Hawaiian islands. According to the website, the fragrance notes are: Tropical floral, coconut, pineapple, tiare, frangipani, jasmine, and white musk. Since you know I am obsessed with Hawaii and love everything that reminds me of it, you can bet this is one of my favorites.

If you are looking for a new scent and want something pretty but different, please head over to the I Am Fragrance website and order a few. I was lucky enough to get some samples along with my order and I am thinking I might add I Am Peace to my collection. Ugh, they are all so good, I want them all!

Oh and just so you all know, I was not compensated at all for this post. I just really love these scents and hope you guys will check them out too!

Have you smelled any of the I am Fragrance collection yet? Which ones do you love/would you order?


New Upload - Chunky Chain Bracelet Hair Ties

Classy with a Kick: Chunky Chain Bracelet Hair Ties

Hi everyone! This is totally a shameless plug post but I am promoting my own stuff, so who cares, right? :)

So after getting a ton of requests for these bracelet hair ties and selling out of my old inventory, I ordered brand new supplies and re-uploaded new and improved chunky chain bracelet hair ties.

These little babies have been super popular - especially around holiday time as they make perfect gifts/stocking stuffers. Not only do they look cute in your hair but they are adorable on your wrist. No more wearing a ratty old rubber band on your wrist for those hair emergencies (*guilty*).

Metals and textures available are gold and silver - smooth and textured.

Classy with a Kick: Gold Chunky Chain Bracelet Hair Ties

Classy with a Kick: Silver Chunky Chain Bracelet Hair Ties

As you can see, from the front, they look like a normal chunky chain bracelet. Perfect for stacking with watches and other bracelets or just wearing on their own. 

From the side, you can see the elastic which I think gives it a more casual look in additional to making it functional. 

Classy with a Kick: Silver Chunky Chain Elastic Bracelet Hair Ties

The four standard colors are listed below but stay tuned for some new and fun colors/patterns coming up.

Classy with a Kick: Chunky Chain Bracelet Hair Tie Colors

And of course, for all my lovely CWAK readers, get 15% off your order and a set of free regular hair ties when you order by 12/31/13 by using promo code CWAKHOLIDAY2013. 

Order today at https://www.etsy.com/shop/ClassywithaKick and send me a quick note if you do!

Happy Monday everyone! :)


Heart Happy

Classy with a Kick: You Make My Heart Happy Quote

Last week was a rough week filled with traveling and way too much work stress. This week, I am starting out with a positive attitude and recognizing all the things that are making me happy.

1. These little monsters! Do you not just want to trade places with them?? Seriously, I will take laying in the sun all day instead of working/traveling!

Classy with a Kick: Shibas in the Sun

2. This handsome man. I am always thankful for him and last week when I was gone all week and he got stuck for an extra night on his work trip, I was reminded how lucky I am to get to spend almost every single day with him. (I did get to catch up on lots of tv shows the night he was gone and that made me feel a lot better. BTW, I am so happy that Shahs of Sunset and RHOBH are back on!!)

3. This song. We used this in our wedding video but I have loved it all my life. Something about this song makes me smile every. single. time.

4. My new "winter" beverage - Coco Spice. It's just hot coconut milk, agave or stevia, and pumpkin pie spice. It's vegan, low cal and SOO good! I'll do a separate post on this little treat later because I am obsessed! :) 

Classy with a Kick: Coco Spice Drink

5. Shaun T's FOCUS T25 DVD Workout - Base Kit . All the benefits of Insanity in 25 minutes. I'll take it. Call me crazy but I can actually do this AND get a gym workout in. I'll be bikini ready by Spring in no time! 

Classy with a Kick: Workout Quote - If you want it, work for it!

What are your happies this week?


I won...

...the worst, most inconsistent blogger award.

Yup, I totally gave it to myself but I so deserve it. I have really good intentions of posting and have all these half written posts all ready to go but time just keeps getting away from me. Ugh.

But, with my big trip over - Hawaii recap to come - I am getting back into the swing of things and plan to be better about consistently posting.

As I finish up some of my half posts and create some new ones, Amanda and I are getting ready for our big So Cal Blogger Meet Up on Nov 3 in San Diego (note location change). Our list is growing so if you are in So Cal and want to meet up with us, let me know and I will send you the event details. If you can't make this one, there will be PLENTY of others to come!

Hope you all have a fab week & a happy Monday! :)


Insta Weekend: Fun, Flats and Sunday Funday

Hi everyone! So I am keeping it interesting by posting with no set schedule or frequency. I like to keep it fun. :)

I am super happy it's Monday this week...only because that means 4 DAYS TILL HAWAII. The only Monday I ever really like is the Monday before Hawaii and here it is! Yay.

We spent the weekend getting excited and preparing for our trip.

Starting with drinks and the most amazing pizza to celebrate our upcoming trip!

Note to SD ladies...if you have never been to Blue Ribbon Pizza - GO! It's the best. And get the truffle popcorn...yum.

On Saturday, we spent the morning running errands and looking at cars (TBD). The best part of the day, however, was that I got these babies in the mail! Just in time for traveling!

If you don't know about Tieks, check out this post. They are the best flats ever. I got the mint ones from their new pastel collection and am in love with them.

On Sunday, I had a first...I went to a bar in gym clothes. To be honest, I went to a bar once in PJs but that was like 10 years ago and involved quite a few barcardi and diet cokes. Backstory: I was totally late meeting some friends so I went straight from the gym to catch the end of the game. I obviously did not die from it but probably not something I would do again - on purpose.

Like my slicked back gym sweat hair?? Gross! 

While I was drinking watching the game, my darling husband went out to run some errands and surprised me with a iPad mini for our trip. How cute is that? He even got me a cute green cover! #luckygirl

We ended the night with a BBQ and another amazing Cardiff sunset. Pretty much an awesome weekend...can't complain!

How was your weekend? What did you do??

Linking up with Ms Sami today! 


So Cal Ladies...Save the Date & Join Us!

Hey all...

I know I have been a bit MIA lately but it's because I have been working on this awesome "meet up" with the beautiful Amanda from A Beautiful Mess. Ok, that is totally not why I have been MIA, it's still just summer catching up to me, BUT I really have been working with Amanda on this event and we are SOO excited about it.

First, if you don't know Amanda...please go over to her blog and check it out. If anything, you have to see how adorable her dog Luna is - she even has her own blog post! 

Now back to the all-star event...Amanda recently moved to the LA area and I have been in SD for a few years now but we thought it would be totally fun to have all the So Cal girls meet midway between LA & SD (Laguna Beach) for mimosas, blog talk and of course girl time. We are aiming for Sunday, November 3 (seems far but time is flying by so it will be like tomorrow before we know it).

Since I am completely paranoid about the crazies on the internet (sorry...but there are) we are not going to disclose the specific location details but if you are interested in meeting up with all of us, please email us or leave your email below and we will add you to the invite. And if you are not a So-Cal-living lady but are in the area and want to join us, we would love to have you!

We even made a special blog to post updates to the event and grow this little group of ladies.

The blog is still new and has a lot of work left on it, but we would love to have you guys follow along and contribute if you are interested. If at anything, let us know if you want to be added to the blog roll and if you want to do a guest post...we would be thrilled to feature you!

We hope to see you at the meet up/group blate and over at So Cal Sistas!


{WIOW} - I Hear Bells...Kettlebells!

Kettlebell Workout

For today's WIOW (Work it Out Wednesday) post, I am sharing my new obsession with all of you...


These little monsters look innocent, but they are far from it. When used correctly, these give you an amazing full body strength and cardio workout like no other.

What is a Kettlebell, you ask? Great question. A Kettlebell is a cast iron off-center weight with a handle on top. Very different than a barbell or dumbbell. Apparently the off-centerness helps increase your workout as you need your core and additional strength to compensate.

Kettlebells provide a quick, but efficient workout. Since you use lots of different muscles in each exercise, you burn even more calories. And Kettlebells are known to tone you up, but not bulk you up. What we all want, right?

I created my workout above based off classes and online workouts. After doing them for a few weeks, I totally see a difference in my arms and abs. And I am pleasantly tired and sweaty after a 15 minute workout which is just fine with me.

On Kettlebell days, I usually do a quick run or eliptical workout (20 minutes) and then finish with Kettlebells and some ab work. I am always sore the next day which means I did it right!

If you follow the workout above, keep the following in mind:

1. When you do the swings, swing from your hips. I have heard many instructors and bloggers note the "bend and snap" from Legally Blonde as the correct form. When I tend to squat too much, I remember this little piece of info to correct my form.

2. When doing side bends, keep the arm with the Kettlebell up straight in the air as you lean to the opposite side. It helps to move your palm along your leg to stay in-line. These seem easy at first but once you hit 13-15, you really feel them. Great for obliques!

3. For the Up and Overhead, grab the Kettlebell from the top handle. As you lift it across your chest and above your head, quickly move your hands to the sides of the handle. It's almost like a little toss. That extra movement helps to target even more muscles and helps you hold on tighter to the Kettlebell as you lift it over your head.

4. Pick up the Kettlebell like a dead lift (bend your knees and use your legs) so that you don't pull your back.

5. I am not a personal trainer, nor do I have any professional experience. These are just suggestions based off my own workouts. Don't hold me to anything...if you want professional advice, please contact a personal trainer directly.

Now that we got those things out of the way, feel free to do this exercise once, twice or even three times. If you want to see some of these moves in action, check out Katrina from Tone It Up's video. She does some of the same moves but her workout is just as good! Love those TIU ladies!

If you try this out, let me know what you think. I would love to hear your feedback or any tips if you have them.

Have you used Kettlebells? What are your favorite toning workouts?


When Life Gets in the Way...

Have I been the worst blogger or what?? This summer is really kicking my butt. I have every intention of blogging but then things get crazy and I decide that a nap or a quick workout is a better choice. I know none of you are dying due to my lack of posts but I do miss writing them and hearing all of your comments.

I gave my little bloggity a mini makeover over the weekend and came up with the quote above while refreshing my FAQ section. It's like my life motto :)

I am traveling the next couple of weeks but I am definitely going to try to post more. I can't promise anything but I am going to give it 100% effort!

Ooh and be on the look out for a fun collab/event that Amanda from A Beautiful Mess and I are putting together.

Happy Tuesday!


My Not So Secret Addiction & Running Shorts Update

Darn it Lululemon...every time I find new short or pant that I love, you come out with an ever newer version that I love even more.

Remember this post where I told you about my favorite running shorts? Well, here is my newest update...so much has happened.

First, I ended up ordering the Run Track Attack Shorts in Pizzaz (orange) and LOVED them - even better than all the others. The waistband is definitely my favorite part. It is super comfortable but also says up. Absolutely no muffin top from these babies! I loved them so much I got a new blue pair. See...

I justified the new blue pair because I didn't actually like the red ones I ordered.

Although these LOOK cute, they were way too short for me. And I am short so I can only imagine what they look like on tall people. If short shorts are your thing, get these. But if not, stick to the Track Attacks!

So when I thought I finally found my fave shorts, enter in the Shake & Break short in the cutest check pattern ever.

These seem like a cross between my Work it Out Shorts and my Track Attack shorts and they combine the things I love about both in one (WIO - pockets, TA - waistband). Of course, I ordered them. And I am glad I did because this pattern sold out in just hours! I will keep you posted on fit, but I am sure I will love these ones too.

I just hope Lulu doesn't come out with an even newer, more awesome short. My bank account can't take anymore cuteness.

Have you ever bought something to have something even better come out just days later??


WIOW - Row, Row, Row...

someecards.com - They told me that rowing machines are just like being on boat. But without the water, boat and oars. So really not even close. They suck.

I promise this is not a post about Stand Up Paddle Boarding...although I am still totally obsessed and thinking about signing up for SUP yoga. I think I am crazy.

Anyhoo...for today's WIOW (Work It Out Wednesday) post, I am sharing one of my new favorite workouts...Rowing. On the rowing machine that is...not in the water.

If you have never tried rowing on a rowing machine, you have to do it. It is a great, low impact, cardio and strength workout. While you are performing a "rowing" motion and getting a great upper body workout, you are also getting a fantastic leg workout as well. And if you do paddle board, it can only help build those arm & shoulder muscles for easier rowing. Bonus!

Here are some tricks I have learned that have helped me get the best work out I can when rowing...

Keep Your Resistance Low. People want to try to push it up to an 8 or 9 but it is best to keep it lower (2-5) and focus on your form.

Know the Positions. Here is a great demo with pics and a video from FitSugar that shows you "The Beginning," "The Catch" and "The Drive" positions.

Focus on Your Form. This is so important. Keep your back straight and your core engaged. This helps prevent injury. Also make sure to keep your feet strapped in tight!

Start Slow and Work up your Speed. A slow workout will still help you burn calories and build strength. Don't focus on speed...you will be more open to injury that way. You will get faster as you do it, promise.

I started with a 5 minute rowing workout and have worked up to 20 minutes doing intervals (my favorite). Here's my favorite workout:

For sprints, go fast enough that your RPE (rate of perceived exertion) is about 8 or 9. Keep in mind 1 is easy and 10 is going max speed.  For side to side rows, pull the bar more towards one side and then switch. You can alternate sides each time or do 30 seconds on each side. Up to you! 

I love doing these kinds of intervals to mix it up. It makes the time go by so much faster!

Would you use a rowing machine? If you have, what are your favorite workouts or tips?

Linking up with Ms. Hallie for curing #notivation!


Tribal Mint & Local Shop Faves

Hansens Ruffle Tube Top (similar here) // J. Crew Shorts // Rosamariposa Necklace (Love the Kate Spade one above) // 
Michael Kors Watch // Steve Madden Wedges (old) // Tory Burch Robinson Bag

I love surf shops. Besides the walls of bikinis, cover ups and shorts that I can ever fit my butt into (surfer girls = small butts), I always seem to find a a dress or top that I need to have in my wardrobe. A couple weeks ago, we went into our local surf shop, Hansens, and I found the cutest ruffle tube tops. They had leopard print and tribal print - I wanted both. However, having enough leopard and not enough tribal prints, I opted to get wild and go with the tribal. So happy I did.

After being on work trips for the past couple of weeks, I finally got to wear it during our HB anniversary getaway.  I decided on mint accents - adding some color while not being too bright. I got a super cute necklace at one of my favorite little jewelry boutiques in Little Italy, Rosamariposa. If you are ever in San Diego and in Little Italy, you have to go there. They have the most amazing accessories at really reasonable prices. And the owner, Monica, is one of the sweetest people ever. If you go and meet her, tell her I sent you! :)

What are some of your favorite local shops near you? 


Insta Weekend - Anniversary Surprise!

Hi everyone! I know I have been MIA...life is just getting crazy and I have had zero time for blogging. I sort of foresee this happening a bit more this summer but I am really going to try to keep blogging as much as I can.

Last week, Jack and I celebrated our 4 year anniversary!

Still in love after all these years...

The night of the anniversary, we went to a local restaurant for some amazing pizza & drinks. We ended the night with our anniversary tradition - watching our wedding video. Mr. Kirin seemed really excited about this for some reason...

Jack and I made a pact to switch off planning our anniversary celebration every year and this year was his turn to plan. He did an amazing job and planned a night away in Huntington Beach. I had never been and I am so glad we went. It is one of my new favorite places ever!

L2R: Shorebreak Keys - so cute // View from Dinner // My favorite magnet - thank goodness we live in a beach house // 
fire pits at the SB hotel // HB beach // Gucci @ the beach! // Cute details in SB // Lobby of SB // Waffles at Bruxie!

We stayed at the cutest place, the Shorebreak Hotel. It is right across from the HB pier and right in the middle of town. The hotel is surf themed and is 100% pet friendly. When I say 100%, I mean it. There are no rules when it comes to dogs. No deposit, no size regulations, etc. You can even dine with you pets in the main restaurant with their own pet menu (outside seating only, but still). We didn't bring the dogs, but you can bet we will be bringing them next time.

For our anniversary dinner, Jack made reservations at Dukes which is where we went when we got engaged in Hawaii. We love all of the Dukes Restaurants (TS Restaurants) so it was awesome that we got to eat there. Our view was pretty amazing...

The next day we spent time at the beach, shopping and eating. We left HB after lunch (Bruxie - waffle sandwiches = best lunch ever) and planned to head right home. On our way through Newport, we saw a marina with kayaks and stand up paddle boards. Since we are kind of obsessed with SUP'ing, we decided to stop in and see if we could rent a couple of boards.

We found this really cute stand called Pirate Coast Paddle Company and were able to rent boards and had a 1 hour excursion. It was such a fun, unplanned, detour! If you are in the Newport area, I highly recommend renting boards from these guys. They even have a glow SUP adventure at night where you are on SUP boards with LED lights that make the water glow around you. So cool.

After we made it home, we were pretty zonked so we had a quick dinner and crashed early. Compared to everything else, Sunday was pretty uneventful full of laundry, napping - nothing exciting.

Now I am rested and ready to start the week!

What about you? How was your weekend? Do anything fun??

Linking up with Miss Sami today!!
Sami's Shenanigans

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