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Just the word for my blogging attendance these past few months which also is the theme for the outtfit I am posting today.

In my ridiculously LOOOONG break from blogging a few things have happened...

1. I officially only lost ONE follower on GFC but I am pretty sure I lost a lot more readers (I mean they had nothing to read so of course I lost them!)

2. I somehow seemed to get a crazy amount of page views each day without one new post...reason why? People love googling the image "sad face" - go figure.

3. I bought some amazing new items including ANOTHER pair of Hunter rainboots and did some fun DIY projects - most involving glitter. All will be shared on here at some point or another.

4. I have TRULY missed interacting with my readers. I did keep up with some blogs buy my lack of comments were only because I had no time to write any. I learned in the blogging world that you build relationships with other bloggers and I am first to admit I am a crappy blogger friend. Sorry guys.

I can wallow in my sadness for missing out or I can do something about it. And I am. I am back to blogging.

Simply because, I miss it. I miss writing. I miss sharing and showing my outfits and DIY projects. And most of all, I miss communicating and making friends with my readers and fellow bloggers.

So I am back and I hope to get back in touch with all you again and make even more new friends this time around. And what a perfect time to get back into it...New Years!

I have yet to plan my outfit for night (although it will involve sequins of some sort) but here is my xmas eve outfit to provide some inspiration for some of you! The J Crew sequin top just went on sale and I HIGHLY suggest you get it...it's so cute!

sequin polka dot shirt, polka dot blouse, mint skinnies, chanel purse, black riding boots
Polka Dot Blouse - J Crew Factory  // Polka Dot Sequin Top - (on sale!!) & Chain Link Bracelet - J Crew // 
Mint Skinny Jeans - Gap (old) // Corso Como Boots & Michael Kors Watch - Nordstrom // 
Chanel Bag (old but in this case I can say "vintage" right??) 

So I hope you will all give me a chance again. I do have to get my new laptop up and running so posts might be short and not super pretty until I do so...(need my beloved photoshop to help me through) so forgive me for that.

Other than that...have a super awesome, fun, safe, exciting, champagne-filled New Year's Eve!



  1. Yay!!! I've missed you! I'm so glad you're back!!! Love the outfit and I almost bought that exact same top (the polka dot sequin top) last week! I hope you had a fabulous New Years Eve Jill! xoxo

    1. Thanks Niki. I missed you too! Don't you love that top? I think it's a good investment piece although my sister told me it's borderline "old lady". :)

      Happy New Year! xo

  2. My sister is a big fan of the karate trousers that your husband calls karate pants. You won't believe it, but she once pulled me out to buy these karate pants despite the fact that she knew I was preoccupied with my project and looking for Data Analysis Services For Dissertation. As a result, I believe I should share this post with her in the hopes of reducing her fondness for these trousers.

  3. No, I don't think so, no doubt we missed you so much in the back days, but I'm sure you haven't lost a single reader. When you were not here, I was busy with Assignment Writing Services, and I'm glad you're back when I'm done with my work.

  4. Ohh these outfits looks so cool. I used to have a bracelet chain like this but I misplaced it somewhere in my office last week, because I as so involved in working on windows vps hosting canada that I didn't remember where I had put that.

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