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Almost Fall: Shorts and Sweaters

Happy Monday!

I hope you all had a great weekend. Ours was pretty chill except for the fact that we had to find a place to live ASAP since our condo closes this week. Good news is we found a great option...but that's all I will tell you since I don't want to jinx anything until things are final!

It was still nice here in SD this weekend so I took full advantage of my last few weeks of shorts. Who I am kidding?? I know I will wear them into the Fall - maybe even Winter. :) But I have noticed that its now time to start wearing them with sweaters almost exclusively instead of tanks. Which then means in a few more weeks I am going to have to swap my sandals for boots...sigh...

Here's how the weekend went down...

Friday night, we went to a local seafood restaurant. The restaurant is always packed but the secret is to sit at the Oyster Bar and order from there. They will do special orders and cook your seafood selection right in front of you and prepare it anyway you choose. It's pretty cool. I won't tell you the name b/c I don't want everyone knowing this little piece of info! I was excited to finally wear my Old Navy flats and they were cute and comfy.

Kate Spade Purse (old but loving this tweed one for Fall) // Enamel Bracelet

On Saturday night...we went to Asian-fusion place right near our condo that my husband has been dreading going back to. I love it but he thought the dishes had too much sugar in them aka "sugar chicken" and we have not been able to go back. For some reason, he suggested we go there so I didn't object. Once we got there we realized it was happy hour all night and our entire dinner was under $40 with drinks! Sweet! Believe it or not, I actually wore flats a second night in a row. Seriously, what has gotten into me?? In fact, I even based my outfit around a pair of my striped Steve Madden flats that I got on sale a while ago... (the ones below are Prada - mine are the Steve Madden knockoffs (no longer on sale).

Chain Bracelets & Necklace - Homemade - same chain as my Bracelet Hair Ties // 
Old Navy Heart Sweater // Zara Lace Shorts (old but these are cute too!)// Gucci Sunnies // 
Michael Kors Watch // Prada Flats (mine are old Steve Maddens - no bows) // Speedy LV bag (old)

 I know...I know, the lace shorts AGAIN. But, I love them. Or should I say I "heart" them. :)

Speaking of LACE & love - my lace necklaces are still are on sale on Open Sky and could use some more love! I would be so happy if you could stop on by and either get one (they are super cute!) or just show me some love by loving the item (their version of "like").

In case you didn't see them...here they are! Cute, right??

Until tomorrow everyone...


  1. Love the lace shorts jill! keep on wearing 'em!

    xx amy
    Leopard and Lillies

  2. Pretty combinations!!!

    following you through GFC! I hope you can also drop by my blog and follow if you like.

    Chamee of http://misslitratista.blogspot.com

    1. Thanks Chamee. I will definitely check out your blog tomorrow! :)

  3. Love those green shorts!! I'll cross my fingers your housing sitch works out how you're hoping!

  4. Both outfits are so adorable! I've been eyeing that ON heart sweater, I really want it for fall. It's still very warm here (which I love) so I probably won't be wearing sweaters for quite a while!

    The Tiny Heart Enter to win a gift card! (Open internationally!)

    1. You must get the sweater...it's really cute and light so you probably can even wear it while it's still warm! I am so jealous of your location at the beach...we're trying to get out there over here!

  5. Replies
    1. They are good classics! Well one more than the other, but both are fun. I definitely have a type of bag, huh? Thanks Yi-chia! :)

  6. Love both of these outfits - shorts and sweaters are my favorite. I know that sounds weird but there's something about being comfy in shorts and a sweater that you just don't get with a tank top. Sounds like you had a great weekend!

    1. I totally agree...I am kind of loving it. Just have to get used to the boots with shorts - not sure I can do that one yet. :)

  7. So stylish!

    Visit anytime!
    {All follows are followed back}

  8. Okay I don't know what I love more-- that Kate spade bag or those adorable necklaces!?!?! Bomb, both are so cute!

    xx Missy

    1. Thanks Missy! The bag is pretty amazing...it actually goes with a lot more than I had expected. I ordered it from Nordstrom in my sleep...no joke. It was a 2 am purchase but I love it. :)

  9. Ahhh! Awesome outfits, and those necklaces.... love them!

  10. Thanks for stopping by Anni. I will definitely check out your blog! :)

  11. Ohhh yesss!!! Shorts and sweaters are so great together! I love your looks. New subscriber here!



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xo, jill

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