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Splurge vs Steal: Orange Statement Necklaces:

Ok so I usually do a Faves and FOFFs post on Friday but since I just released my newest Lace Necklace color yesterday...this SVS post takes precedence!

Over the weekend, I dyed up a batch of super cute bright orange lace per the requests of quite a few potential buyers through my Etsy store and CWAK blog readers.

Cute, right?

Literally, as I was dyeing, I was also flipping through the J. Crew catalog (I am a pro multi-tasker) and saw this little beauty...

My first thought?? OMG Twinsies!

Ok, so more like fraternal twins but very similar. The best part is this...the PRICE DIFFERENCE! Ok, you can buy the J. Crew version for $150 (for string and gold chain) or you can buy my pretty little lace version for $20 (gold chain is now available, BTW). Hmm...tough decision right? I think not!

If you end up making the RIGHT decision and buy the lace version, you can save even more with free shipping using this code: TWINSIES. 

Hope you all have a great weekend! Oh and I'm in NY next week so blogging will be spotty. I apologize in advance!

Happy weekend! Buy a necklace! :)



  1. what a great option for the j.crew necklace! xo


    1. Thanks! I think so...it's not the same but it's similar! And priced much better! :)

  2. Your version is SO much more affordable than the JCrew one and just as cute! Who would spend $150 on a necklace?! Have a great weekend, Jill!

    The Tiny Heart
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  3. Love your necklaces! Have a great weekend!

  4. Great necklace, and really affordable :) I'm following your lovely blog now :)

    New post on SEARCH IN FASHION - Top 5 weekly picks: Studded denim jacket

    1. Thanks V.! I will check out blog as well! :)

  5. I like yours better than the J.Crew one! And orange is one of my favorite colors! I need to scape up some $$!

    1. Thanks Niki! :) If you do, make sure you use the promo code for free shipping!

  6. This is GORGEOUS, Jill! :) I love it!

    Happy Friday!


  7. Love both necklaces! Thanks so much for your comments on my blog!


    Leopard and Lillies

  8. Yay! I love finding cheaper alternatives. I feel like you could totally DIY with these necklaces too :) Darling little blog you have here <3

    Hope you are having a lovely weekend!

    1. I love finding (and making) cheaper alternatives too! I showed a simple DIY on this post {necklace DIY}
      but I also sell them too on Etsy!

      Thanks for you comment...I will check out your blog as well!

  9. What a great necklace - I love the vibrant color and it really does look so similar to the Jcrew version for so much less! I used to make jewelry a lot, but haven't had time recently. Anyways, greetings from Atlanta! ;-)

    1. Thanks Mary Ann! It does take A LOT of time to make jewelry but I think it's pretty fun! :)

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xo, jill

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