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Shopping Cart-aholic

someecards.com - If I had a nickel for every time I went online shoe shopping, I still wouldn't be able to buy all the pairs that are sitting in  

 Have you ever gotten an email with one of these subject lines...

"Your shopping cart is waiting..."
"The items in your shopping cart are lonely..."
"Hurry, you items will be deleted from your cart..."


I am completely guilty of obsessive shopping cart shopping - today's version of window shopping. When I get a sale email, read a new catalog (J. Crew - you kill me every time!) or see a cute piece of clothing on a blog, I instantly go the website and start loading up my cart with just about everything I want. It's completely unrealistic as my carts end up containing hundreds of dollars of merchandise. And I even choose things, I will probably never wear - some not even in my size!

Even though I probably only buy about 1% of the things I put in shopping carts, I find the process fulfilling. It's like shopping with pretend money. I do sometimes forget that I never actually ordered an particular item while I am waiting for it to show in the up in the mail...but that is not a frequent occurrence.

Take today's J. Crew cart for instance. I got the catalog over the weekend and a couple emails this week so this is what I have selected so far.

(so many stripes and dots - I need to venture out more, don't you think?)

Cute, right? However, the total cart is $700 worth of merchandise...so this is NOT going to happen.

I didn't even bother to put this skirt in even though I am DYING to get it. It is the perfect example of "classy with a kick" - a pencil skirt with sequins! Love!!

Anyway, I will most likely end up buying 1-2 of the items in this cart or I will forget and move onto the next online store/shopping cart. That's just how I roll!

Speaking of other shops...I'm not even going to show you the other carts I filled up today. I did actually buy something, though. Candles from Bath and Body Works - the 2 for $20 deal gets me every time! :) If you have not tried the American Boardwalk collection, you are missing out!

Do you have a shopping cart addiction? If so, I want to hear all about it! :) 

**Please excuse the fuzzy pictures...my photoshop was not working so I had to improvise! 



  1. Haha, I usually wind up buying things I put in my virtual shopping cart! If I know I can't buy anything, I have to stay far, FAR away from shopping sites :)

    The Tiny Heart
    Enter my Daisy Rae giveaway!

    1. You have much better self control than me. I can't stay away!

  2. Haha I *so* do this! And my JCrew cart looked like that just the other day. Overstock emails me a lot of reminder emails too :)

    1. Glad I am not alone! J. Crew is too tempting!

  3. Haha, you're so funny. Online shopping is so hard to resist! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  4. this definitely happens to me.. .all the time... it's sad how much that little comic relates to my life!


    1. We would all be rich! Excited to check out your blog! Thanks for posting!

  5. I totally do this! I think it is so fun to go virtual shopping, but it would be so much more fun to actually buy it all ;)

    1. I know! I wish we could but both my closet and my wallet would probably disagree!

  6. I do this constantly!!! And then I get upset if I go back (sometimes weeks later) and my stuff isn't there! Sometimes it takes me awhile to decide! I am a total online shopping addict. :)

  7. Literally do this all the time. So fun. Fabulous post, love! If you get a sec, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest. xo


  8. Hey girl - Just an FYI, I can't respond back to your comment via email because you are a 'no reply commenter' and don't have email linked ;)

    1. Really? I'll have to look into that. I had no idea! Thanks for bringing it to my attention! :)

  9. I know how this goes! Especially with J.Crew. I just did a post a week or so ago about being an addict, lol. Their clothes are just so awesome!

    Visiting from the GFC Blog Hop!

    1. Hey Ashley...I am so happy you found me! I am now following you too! :)

      J Crew is addicting, right?? I seriously want to buy everything and get sucked into their sales. Ugh!


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xo, jill

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