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Preppy Neon & Condo Hunting

I definitely believe in luck. I don't think people are "lucky" but I do think people have streaks of good luck. Just like they have streaks of bad luck...it happens to all of us and in the end, everything seems to balance out.

A couple weeks ago, I was on a lucky streak. I got an amazing new job. We sold our condo and I received some great news about my lace necklaces (more to come later). The condo sale was really exciting as the market is not great, but we ended up selling much higher than we expected which was awesome!

But now the search for a new place to live is upon us. Yesterday we saw what we hoped would be "it" but turned out the place had weird bathrooms (no counter space - yeah, like that would work!) and get this...NO CLOSETS! Who makes a living space with NO CLOSETS. It's like a nightmare! There was a second bedroom that we could have turned into a closet but that's still not enough for me! Especially for the person who just bought 5 new pairs of shoes last week (sorry, the Steve Madden mid-day madness sales always get me - wedges for $29.99?? It's like they are paying me to wear them!).

Needless to say the hunt goes on... The good thing is, after seeing that place, tiny closets might actually impress me. At least they were

I had to throw something together super fast since I was at home with the new puppy all day so this is what I came up with.

J Crew Sweater, Shorts, & Necklace // Louis Vuitton Speedy // Gucci Sunglasses // 
Steve Madden Wedges (on sale, I also got the yellow and black pairs!) // Chunky Chain Bracelet Hair Ties

I had to go with the neon shorts since I finally have a decent tan - and then kept it simple with a navy J Crew v-neck sweater. I actually wanted to wear my white sweater to keep it a little brighter/lighter but white shirts and new puppies do NOT go together! Trust me!

Of course, I sported my new Chain Bracelets Hair Ties around my wrist. They are so fun to stack! I highly recommend you try making them or buy one or two for yourself from my Etsy store (15% off if you use CHICCHAIN15 at checkout! Just be careful, once you wear them, you will get addicted!

Oh and be sure to check out Pop of Style's OOTD today! Missy is wearing the neon yellow lace necklace today and she looks AMAZING as usual!

Neon statement necklace



  1. loving the top!



  2. Love your pretty pieces....the LV Speedy is soo timeless!


    1. Thanks Rebecca. I completely agree about the Speedy. It holds up so well too!

  3. I loved the outfit that your pulled together!


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