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Maui Babe

I always have vacation withdrawals when I come back from somewhere nice but this time, it's serious!

Last week, I was sleeping in, working out in the mornings with the ocean as my backdrop, lounging at the beach/pool and straight up relaxing. This week I am up at 6 am taking two separate dogs on walks then repeating this every 3 hours (the joys of a puppy), filling out piles and piles of paperwork for my new job, running to condo viewing appts and trying to find times to shower in between. All I want to do is go back to Hawaii!

Every time we go to Hawaii, we buy this browning and after sun lotion called Maui Babe. The browning lotion gives you a GREAT tan, but it smells like coffee which totally grosses me out. Hot, sweaty coffee...yuck! The after-sun lotion, however, has the most amazing floral/tropical smell to it and whenever I smell it, I am instantly transported back to Hawaii. I put it on today (to preserve my tan, of course) and the scent really helped me get in a better mood - despite all of the craziness. It even inspired me to get a little brighter with my drab running errands/dog walking outfit and add some sunny accents - like my new yellow Steve Madden wedges (sale) and one of my Hawaiian purchases; a starfish cuff (LOVE).

H&M Tank & Shorts // Kate Spade Neckace // Steve Madden Wedges (on sale!!) // 
Starfish Cuff (from Hawaii but this one is FAB! // Gucci Sunnies // Maui Babe Lotions

Now all I need is lounger & a pina colada - oh and maybe a plane ticket back to the Aloha state. :)

Do you have vacation withdrawals? What do you do to help get back into real life?

See you tomorrow for some Faves & FOFFs!



  1. hi! following ur blog now. :)

    I hope you can drop by my blog and be kind enough to follow back. Thanks!

    Chamee of http://misslitratista.blogspot.com

    1. Thanks Chamee. I will check yours out as well! :)


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