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Friday Faves & FOFFs - Shorts, Sales & Shibas


Considering everything that happened this week; it actually flew by! Next week is the first week of my new job so I will try to be as consistent as possible with posting but if I skip a day or two, please forgive me.

This week definitely had some amazing events (new puppy, new business opportunities, my dad's birthday, etc) and some frustrating parts (new puppy - yup it's both, lots of paperwork for our condo sale and new job, etc) Because it was so eventful, I had a million faves and FOFFs for you but I kept it to 5 to not bore you to death and let you get on with your weekend!

Here they are:


Shorts - It is so hard to believe that I used to hate shorts! I can't stop wearing them. I think I am on day 5 of short wearing. Not sure if it's because my legs are finally tan (not spray tanned - actually tan) or if it's because its been super hot here in SD. Either way, I am back in love with them and I hope it lasts a while! Hopefully it will because I have recently bought quite a few of them...

I finally got my Zara lace shorts in the mail and you can bet I will be wearing this weekend with my new electric blue swing tank. 

Nordstrom Sale!!

I am a huge fan of Nordstrom so of course I am going to get excited for a sale! I did not do the presale this year (even though it was the first time you could shop online) because I really love the whole Nordies experience. I have my eye on a few things that are online (ie, this amazing leather shift dress, this Rachel Zoe top, this House of Harlow necklace and these Steve Madden boots) but I am sure when we go this weekend, I will find a whole lot more. Trouble with a capital "T"!!

Shibas - Just look at my babies. How cute are they together? I swear Shibas are the best looking dogs. I might be biased, but look at those little faces!! These two are probably the most kissed dogs ever. :)

Kona (puppy) & Kirin (white)


Bikini Color Bleeding - So I still love my Pakaloha Bikinis because they fit amazingly well, but my newest neon pink suit decided to bleed all over my other suits staining EVERYTHING. They told me to be careful in hot tubs as the heat & cholrine can fade the color but there was no mention of bleeding. The darker suits survived but my yellow polka dot suit and my lime green suit now have a tie-dyed look to them. Sad.

China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy (check out this blog post on all the other CG neon colors) - 

So the color is amazing. It is pretty much the perfect neon pink-coral nail polish I could find out there. It makes even the palest skin look tan! I was so excited when I bought this but when I put it on, I was totally disappointed. First, the color is awesome but it's actually matte which is weird. I used a top coat that seemed to help but I find it strange that it's not mentioned anywhere on the bottle or in-store display. Second, because of the matte finish, the polish is extra dry and chips like no tomorrow. I brought it to Hawaii and had to re-paint almost every night. It was annoying to say the least. If I could just find the same color elsewhere, I would be happy! 

So there you have it my week of Faves and FOFFs. 

What were some of your Faves and FOFFs this week? Share them in the comments below. Talking about a FOFF is a great way to vent! :) 

Happy weekend, everyone. See you on Monday!



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xo, jill

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