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Faves & FOFFs and Win a Lace Necklace!!

So today's usual Faves and FOFFs has a little twist...keep reading below to see how you could win a Lace Necklace! :)


Everything Hawaiian - I really can't think about anything else since we leave for Hawaii tomorrow.  I am so excited for the sun, sand, beach, stand up paddle boarding (SUP), Pakaloha Bikinis, Tortilla Republic (amazing mexican food in Kauai - go figure), and lots of Lava Flows (the drink, not the hot, molten stuff). I am also looking forward to our newest family member, Kona! Kona is an adorable 4 month old Shiba Inu/Shih Tzu mix puppy aptly named after one of our favorite Hawaiian locales, that will be coming to live with us the day after we get back. Do you not LOVE her?? Look at that face!!

Fellow Bloggers - I was completely overwhelmed by the response from people when I had asked for some guest posts while I was out of town. It was so hard to choose so I ended up choosing a theme (you will see next week) and have some fantastic posts for you guys next week! I wish I could have had all of you guys but I do have a few more trips coming up so I hope that you will be open to posting another time if you were not selected this time around. I am always happy to have guests on here, so get in contact with me if you are interested!

Games & Giveaways (you are going to want to read this one!) - I have gotten a lot of requests from Bloggers to feature my lace necklaces and while I wish I could send one to EVERYONE, I have to keep some in stock to sell. But since you guys have been so awesome, I wanted to do a fun giveaway. Yesterday, I hid a hint somewhere in this post that would tell you what my husband's favorite football team is. If you can find it, post the name of the team below in the comments and the color necklace you want and you will be entered to win one of my lace necklaces! I am out of town starting next week but I will accept all comments until Sunday, July 15 at 11:59 pm PST. Good luck!


San Diego Fireworks People (Garden State Fireworks) - I still feel cheated by the lack of fireworks on the 4th. I know I am not the only one but I am NOT HAPPY with the SD fireworks people for completely ruining our fireworks show. They say they want to do a make-up show some other time but that still does not give me my 4th back! :)

Dog Shedding - My little baby is shedding like a mad man and it's all over all of my clothes. I have seriously gone through an entire lint roller this week! But really, how can you be mad at this thing??

Overcrowded Pilates Classes - While I still love my pilates classes - it gives me an excuse to wear Lululemon, my fave  -  I am not happy with the fact that I had 4 classes to use up before my trip and I could not book ONE class this week because everything was full. My schedule is pretty flexible and I couldn't even get into a 10 am or 3 pm class! And then when I asked if they could extend my package, I got a big fat, NO. That sucks...especially since I was really trying to use up the classes.

So there you have it! I hope you all have a great week next week. Make sure to check out all the guest posts while I am out...I have some awesome ladies lined up with some fun posts.

Oh and good luck if you are trying to win a necklace!

Happy Weekend!


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