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Disasters x 3 and OOTD

It's amazing how a little thing like a holiday in the middle of the week can mess you up so much. I seriously have no idea what day it is today...it feels like a Monday but yet somehow I keep thinking it's Friday. Help!

I hope you all had a great 4th of July. Ours was...interesting. We have an amazing party deck in our building and probably have one of the best views for the big San Diego fireworks show. That is if the show had actually happened. It made national news today, but for those of you not interested in non-breaking world news - the big San Diego fireworks show that was supposed to be 18 minutes all went off AT ONE TIME giving us an insanely crazy big boom that took about 15 seconds and blasted 5 minutes BEFORE the show was supposed to start! It was a disaster!

Another disaster...my outfit for the night. I had something really fun planned but the weather was super cold last night and I ended up spending the majority of the night in my husband's XL hooded sweatshirt - not pretty! And my hair in the cold, humid weather - even worse!

Finally disaster #3 - I had a fun DIY project to share with you today, but due to the holiday and delayed shipping, I did not have all the materials to show you guys the variety I wanted. So, hold tight...I will post soon. Here is another hint, though...

Any guesses??

Today's OOTD is pretty basic and for some reason, I am still going with the red, white and blue theme. Maybe it's because I feel cheated out of last night so I am still celebrating today! I had a business meeting mid-day so kept it pretty casual. It's still super cold out so that is why I look like I am dressing for winter. But there is one bonus of the cold weather - I got to pull out my red Louis V. EPI bag! It's probably my favorite purse, but it's not really summery so it hibernates for a few months. It feels like fall today so I think it works!

casual friday outfit for work

Featured Items: J Crew Sweater & Blouse // Hudson Skinny Jeans // Guess Pumps (on sale!!) // Nadri Bracelets // Michael Kors Watch // Kate Spade Yellow Necklace (mine is a knockoff from Local SD Store - So Good Jewelry) // 
Louis Vuitton EPI purse (old) but this one is pretty fab

I was really excited to wear my new striped Guess peep toes from Nordstrom. They are still on sale right now and are super cute & comfy!! I used to LIVE in Guess shoes when I lived in Vegas...they definitely know how to make a comfortable heel! 

Stay tuned for a Faves & FOFFs post tomorrow including a fun game and then some awesome guest blog posts while I am out next week in Hawaii!!



  1. Awe I'm a SD native and heard all about the super firework fail :( what a bummer!! Love your OOTD, though :)!


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