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Wedding Twin Fears and LA Love

Hey everyone. I was going to post this yesterday but wanted to make sure Sharon from The Tiny Heart got a shout out for wearing a CWAK lace necklace!

As I said yesterday, I really missed all of you! We had a whirlwind weekend up in LA for my sister-in-law's wedding and I had no time (or internet access to blog). But I am back with some interesting posts this week! Yay!

Here's a quick summary of our crazy weekend:
  • An amazing suite at W Hollywood - This room was TO DIE FOR! 
 A seven-person dining room & couch seating for 12+ - too bad we didn't know anyone in Hollywood!

This patio was ALL OURS! Ridic!

  • Rehearsal Dinner at Border Grill
Neon Yellow Lace Bib Statement Necklace Chevron Dress
Wearing my Chevron Tunic as a dress - and of course a Lace Necklace!

  • Day in Manhattan Beach (post migraine hangover - not cool, but the beach made me feel better)
I heart Manhattan Beach!

  • Beautiful wedding complete with a photobooth!
Don't make fun of us...there are worse ones out there!

I don't know about you, but I have a major fear of wearing the same thing as someone else at a wedding and an even bigger fear that I am wearing something similar to the girls in the wedding party - especially now that bridesmaids are wearing regular dresses down the aisle. It causes me so much anxiety...I can't even explain it!

I seriously think I would die if I walked in and saw someone in the same outfit - aka a "wedding twin". Explanation: the hubby and I have a habit of calling things that are similar to thing we own or have "____twin". For example, if someone has the same car as us, we call it a car twin. I definitely got this from the episode of Friends where Joey found his identical hand twin - hilarious! 

In an ideal world, I would love to be able to make my own dresses to avoid being a wedding twin but since I am lacking in the sewing department, that will not happen anytime soon. So instead, I always make sure that I not only find an original dress but that I make my accessories (jewelry, purse and shoes) pop. This is a great way to make yourself stand out - especially if you end up encountering the dreaded "who wore it best" scenario. 

For the wedding over the weekend, I kept it simple. I had a very basic black & off-white tank dress (black overlay, off-white under layer) similar to the one below that I wore with basic nude pumps to lighten the outfit. Lighter black fabrics are great for a summer evening wedding...just try to avoid heavy black pumps & accessorize in color/metals to keep it summery. My "pop" was in the accessories - gold and orange baby! 

summer wedding attire

Featured items: Ted Baker Dress - ASOS //  Gold "Lucky" Ring, Orange & Gold Bangles, Steve Madden Deja Vu Pumps and Black Wrap - Nordstrom // Gold Glitter Clutch Kate Spade - similar here and here)

What are your thoughts on wearing black to a summer wedding? Do you do anything in particular to prevent wearing the same outfit as someone else?



  1. Black is always a classic color! I see nothing wrong with wearing it to a summer wedding (I'm attending a wedding in August and have a little black dress in my closet waiting to be worn!)

    PS thanks for the comment and for stopping by my blog! Your lace necklaces are to die for! I would love to feature one on my blog!

    <3 AQT

    1. Thanks! I will contact you regarding the necklace! :)

  2. I can never resist a photo booth!

    1. Right?!? They are trouble! Especially if the wedding has a full bar! :)

  3. LOVE that chevron dress/top paired with the bright lace necklace. Fashion genius.


  4. Amazing Chevron top!!! Love it.

    Thanks so much for visiting Classy Ever After! I am now following you, and I would love to feature one of your gorgeous necklaces on my blog. Let's touch base soon.

    XO, Gina

    1. Hey Gina, Thanks so much for your comment. I will contact you regarding the necklace shortly! :)

  5. Cute look! Looks like a fun weekend! Loving that dress you picked out!


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