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Style from the Street: Red and Gold

Living right smack in the middle of downtown can be very interesting. Last night some company (Cisco, I think) had their customer appreciation party in Petco Park which is pretty much our backyard. We got to see/hear a Weezer concert and had the pleasure of watching a ferris wheel that they constructed specifically for this party go round and round and round and round...you get the picture. Normally this would be fine except for when the lights and the strange ferris wheel music keep you awake for an extra hour after a LONG day!

In addition to crazy downtown parties and events, you also get to see a lot of homeless people roaming the streets. Some are regulars and we see them every day; others are new to the area and feeling out the territory. Some just sleep and others like to shout crazy things at the top of their lungs (my favorite was the bum that chased us down the street telling us he was going to kill us - not OK). Most of them are dirty and wearing tattered, old clothes - you rarely see anyone that stands out...until the other day.

I kid you not, I saw what I think was the most stylish homeless person I have ever seen. She had her cart (house) full of supplies and blankets and was running across the street in...ready for this??

Red skinny cropped jeans, gold gladiator sandals and a cute little white lace tank.

It was adorable! A little dirty and wrinkled, but it was styled really well! In fact, it inspired today's outfit!!

Casual Outfit with white red and gold

Featured Items: Peplum Top - ASOS (similar here & here) // Red Yanette Crops - Theory // Gucci Sunnies
Enamel Bangles, & Tory Burch Wallet - Nordstrom // Flats - H&M // Chevron Necklace - Tinley Road

I never thought I would find inspiration from someone that lives on the street but I'm glad I did! I am definitely going to keep my eye out for more stylish street friends from now on!

Oh and speaking of red and gold...I found the cutest bikini at Old Navy today. I have not been in there for so long but had to kill some time while the doggie was finishing up camp and fellow blogger, Hallie from Corals and Cognacs reminded me that their swimsuits can be pretty damn cute. I had to get it since it was only $20 - I mean, that's a steal!! (BTW - the website says it's orange, but it's more of an orangey-red. Oh, and it's on sale in the store...$10 per piece so get off your butt and go get one!)

Metallic String Bikini Swimsuit

What was the weirdest place you found outfit/style inspiration? 



  1. AMAZING!!



    1. Thanks. Love your blog...Your pictures are fab! :)

  2. So fabulous. The peplum top is a dream. I just posted pictures from my wedding reception on my blog. I'd love if you could take a second to check it out as well as my latest post for Lauren Conrad. Thanks, love. xo


    1. Thanks! Can't wait to check out the reception post. The ceremony & getting ready pics were pretty amazing. :)

  3. Love! I agree, that peplum top is a dream. :)

    I totally need that Old Navy bathing suit! I'm glad you clarified the color, because I was wondering about it when I was shopping online... $10/each?! A STEAL!

    Have a great weekend, girl!
    xo Hallie

  4. Hi Girlie,

    Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog! I am also obsessed with that peplum top from ASOS! I'm your 21st follower on bloglovin :)


    1. Thanks Erin! I love it too.
      Happy birthday (again)!

  5. love it!


    1. That peplum top is glorious.

    2. Thanks Olivia. I love it too! :)


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