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Stripe Crazy

stripe love crazy quote

If you have been reading this blog, you are probably aware that I have a thing for stripes. Thin stripes, wide stripes, vertical stripes, horizontal stripes, diagonal stripes...I could go on if I could think of more types of stripes. :) Recently I have been into what I like to called the "kicked up stripe" aka the chevron, however, stripes are a staple in my wardrobe - and in my house and in my blog...

I once became obsessed with having navy and white striped bedding that I searched high and dry for anything remotely similar. I finally found striped sheets and had to have them sewn into a duvet cover to feed my obsession. I also had approximately 10 of my family members & friends actively searching for a black and white striped maxi last year - of course they are pretty much everywhere now (I love this one sooo much).

Even though stripes are a pattern, they are so clean looking that you can mix them up with other patterns really easily. I love wearing a striped sweater with a gingham or plaid button up shirt underneath. It sounds crazy, but it really works. I did it today, in fact!

I also love wearing stripes under sheer or loose-weave tops. You get a faint peak of pattern without being too pattern crazed. It's fun and different.

Here are my latest striped obsessions...I am hoping to keep selling more necklaces so I can buy some of them!!

**After writing the word "stripe" multiple times, it now looks really weird to me. Does that ever happen to you when you say/write a word too much?? Strange. Anyway, here you go: My Striped Loves...

Black and white striped heels

Black and white striped clutch

Green and white striped flats from Madewell

Black and white stripe beach caftan

Candy stripe jeans from motel

Striped Bathing Suit Bikini

What is your favorite striped item? What item/items do you think are missing from this list? 



  1. Love the inspo! Obsessed with that coverup!


  2. Great post! the last picture is so cool! I love that bikini :)



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