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Shorts x 4

If you know me well, you are probably surprised that I have been blogging about shorts. Rewind 2-10 years ago and I despised the things. I mean, despised; hated them in every way. I don't think I wore a pair of shorts since Sorority Rush and that was only because it was mandatory. Before that, I think it was Freshman year in college and that was late 90's - wow!

It wasn't until last summer that I started to try them out again. It started with my H&M romper that I talked about here and then progressed into buying a pair of black and white casual shorts from Target  (always try the less expensive version before spending the big bucks - my motto).

Now, my whole world has flipped and I CAN'T STOP BUYING SHORTS! Help me!

This weekend was no exception. I just so happened to walk into J. Crew on Saturday and just so happened to start going through the sale section and just so happened to find so many deals on shorts that I couldn't stop buying them.

Here's what I walked out with...(some are not on sale on the website but I scored them for under $30 each thanks to the additional 30% sale - score!)

 Bright Chino Shorts - Always a fave. I have two other colors at home too! 

 Love the Safari Cat print! And these are linen so great for summer!

I felt the need for some Seersucker! 
(These are not on the site anymore, but this is a cute scalloped pair!)

I also got a couple sweaters and a pair of neon pink khakis - so cute!

That night, the hubby and I went back to the spot where we got married in Del Mar and had a couple drinks and sat on rocking chairs at our ceremony spot. How amazing is this view??

Here is what it looked like on the actual day... ah memories!

Del Mar Wedding Jasmine Star Photographer

For the night I wore my new yellow striped J. Crew sweater and my new Kate Spade/Ann Taylor knock-off flats from Old Navy that I got for $4 last week - honestly, it was the deal of the year (so far). My guess is they were a return that resurfaced because these were out in the store around Jan/Feb!

Featured items: Sweater - J. Crew // Hudson Jeans, Michael Kors Watch, CZ Studs & Kate Spade Bag (old, but loving this one!) - Nordstrom // Turquoise Lace Necklace - My Etsy Store // Hive & Honey Belt - Piperlime // 
Flats - Old Navy (old, but learn to make your own here)

Close up of the flats - notice anything funny in the picture? I guess Kirin wanted to show off his little paws too!

Are you a shorts person? Are they trendy or a classic in your book?



  1. That yellow and blue outfit looks so comfortable, but SO cute!

    1. Thanks...it was pretty comfy. And b/c the sweater was linen it is perfect for summer! :)

  2. We're officially obsessed with each piece above. Especially the shoes! Awesome blog. :)



    1. Thanks Ana! When is your website going to be live?

  3. Ahhh J Crew...I get sucked in EVERY. SINGLE. TIME! I can't stay away, which is terrible for my wallet but amazing for my wardrobe :)

    I LOVE my lace necklace! An outfit post is going up this week on my blog so I'll let you know when it goes live :)


    1. Oh...I know. J Crew is trouble! So excited to see your necklace post!!:)


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