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On the Fence: Jumpsuits

So after watching the latest Real Housewives of New York (RHONY), I've had a mental debate in my head about how I feel about jumpsuits / rompers.

On one hand, seeing someone like Avivia from RHONY in her fabulous leopard jumpsuit makes me fall in love with them and want to fill my closet full of the one piece beauties. On the other hand, seeing celebs wearing too tight, too short, or too camel-toey versions makes me want to ban them forever.

I currently own ONE romper. I bought it on a impulse last year at H&M to see if it was something I would ever wear**. They have the same one this year but it's not online to show you - this one from Forever 21 is pretty similar, though.

Black short jumpsuit

**A shopping tip I always share is if you are a little leery about a new trend, buy an inexpensive version at as store like H&M, F21 or ASOS and see if you end up wearing it. If you do, you can go ahead and splurge on an expensive version (if you want to). If you hate it and never wear it, your not out a ton of money so who cares! 

Anyway, I ended up wearing the romper quite a few times last summer and while in Hawaii in October. I loved how simple it was...I could dress it up with fab wedges or heels and a statement necklace or I could be super casual with flip flops and a pony tail. It was very versatile and I definitely wore it more than I had planned.

The only thing I did not like about it was going to the bathroom. Ladies, I know you feel me here. When you're wearing a dress, a quick bathroom trip is just that - quick! With pants/shorts, it takes a bit longer but nothing we aren't used to. However, with a romper/jumpsuit, you have to take the WHOLE thing off. It's a little strange being that exposed in public bathrooms and it can be really drafty!

Here are my top picks for rompers this season. I am definitely getting a longer pant version but I am deciding on the rest!

Printed Rompers - Keep accessories simple with these; let them stand out on their own!

Printed Jumpsuit Romper from ASOS

Leopard Cheetah Romper Jumpsuit from ASOS

Comfy & Casual Jumpsuits - Laid back chic; effortless beauty. Great for traveling in style!

Black Romper from Nordstrom

Striped Green Jumpsuit from Piperlime

Sexy Sequined Rompers - Wear in place of a sexy LBD with strappy heels & a fab cocktail ring!

Sequin Jumpsuit from Nordstrom

Sequin Romper

Bright & Bold Jumpsuits - Neutral wedges & big sunnies would be perfect with these!

Yellow Strapless Jumpsuit from ASOS

Strappy Jumpsuit Cross front

I seem to gravitate towards the short versions but a classic black strapless or halter long pant version is a must for anyone trying it out. This Nicole Miller jumpsuit is to die for...the back is amazing!

Do you own a romper or jumpsuit? What are your thoughts about them?



  1. hi! I just found your blog lovely! And that's why I just followed you. Follow back please? ♥


    1. Thanks Priscilla. I will check yours out too! :)

  2. Jumpsuits are huge this season! I definitely need one too! :)

    'The Wind of Inspiration' style blog

    1. I highly recommend trying one out! There are so many options!

  3. i'm so scared of jumpsuits, but these are so cute. i should just stop being a wimp and try one.


    1. Go for it! You might end up liking them a lot more, like I did! :)

  4. I love the romper trend! It's just hard to find one that fits right and isn't ridiculously short on me! But my thought is if you find one that fits well go for it! They're adorbs!


    1. Agree 100%! Because they are one single piece, it's got to fit everywhere! But if you find one that does...it's a keeper! :)

  5. I feel the same way you do about rompers, plus, I'm really tall, so they all look kinda short and weird. It's funny seeing how they can look that well on someone and really awful on other ones. I only own a black one from H&M as well, quite simple, but I was thinking on getting a cuter one, any suggestions?

    1. If you are tall, you MUST get a long one. They look amazing on people who are taller with longer legs aka NOT ME. :) I love the variety at Forever 21 and ASOS - they are not super expensive so you can try them out. If not, Piperlime and Nordstrom have some good ones. Besides the ones listed above, there is one from Guess that is really cute - http://rstyle.me/hryyyumxtn. Good luck! Let me know if you get one!


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