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Linen Love

In San Diego, it doesn't really feel like summer until AFTER June. This June Gloom thing makes you forget that the rest of the world is enjoying BBQs, days at the pool, etc. But even though the sun isn't out, the weather is still pretty mild here. Days are warmer, but the nights are pretty cool. It makes it a little tough to plan outfits because you definitely need a sweater/jacket if you are going to be outside.

That is why I LOVE and live in linen during the summer. Linen is such a great fabric. It's comfy and provides a light layer - perfect for SD nights.

Sure, linen is a little wrinkly, but I secretly like that because it's an excuse to not iron or steam! My hubby HATES linen for this reason which makes me sad because would be so cute in linen pants! I'm working on him... :)

One of my favorite pieces this year (which I mentioned here too) is the linen sweater. It is so light yet provides the coverage and warmth that I need. I found this beauty at J Crew over the weekend and it's now a favorite in my closet. It's linen but it is sheer and metallic at the same time. Ah-mazing!

sparkly metallic linen sweater from j crew

Usually I am not a fan of linen shorts as they can get too wrinkly and sometimes show the dreaded crotch wrinkles (which I think are just as bad as VPLs) - but I got animal print shorts at J Crew (on sale, mentioned here) and they are a stiffer linen which I like. They are light like regular linen but hold up their shape a bit more.

I wore the sweater and shorts last night to my niece's birthday dinner at my favorite San Diego Italian restaurant, Bencotto. If you are ever in San Diego - you HAVE to go there. The food is to die for! :)

Featured items: Sweater & Shorts - J. Crew // Tank - Lululemon (old color but I love this one!) // Michael Kors Watch, Steve Madden Platforms & Gucci Sunnies - Nordstrom  // Turquoise Lace Necklace - My Etsy Store // Bracelet - ASOS

Fun tip - If you are a little leery of wearing too much neon, wear a neon or bright color tank/tee under a sheer shirt. It gives your outfit a fun pop of color without being too overwhelming! Try it out!

Are you a linen fan? What is your favorite material this summer?



  1. nice picks! I love your fashion! I am your new follower. Follow me back please? ♥ Thanks! Please visit my blog!


  2. Love the sweater! Might need to order it for myself as well!

    xx Amy


    1. Amy...you should! It's amazing and goes with EVERYTHING. I highly recommend it. :)


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