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Faves and FOFFs: Sales, Superstars and Snags

Happy Friday everyone!

Here is my second Fave & FOFF post - you can read the first one here. Quick summary...faves are pretty self-explanatory; FOFFs are a nice way of saying F-off (basically things that make me mad). This week has been pretty awesome with great news on the work front (more on that later), 10 days until Hawaii and two lace necklace features (score!). Of course no week is complete without a little drama...right?

Here we go:

Friday FAVES-

  • Sales, Sales, Sales  - I know there is a sale somewhere pretty much every week but this week I took full advantage. Besides the awesome Hollister dresses I already told you about, I scored some cute things at Zara & Steve Madden. I also got my Nordstrom catalog for their upcoming sale...that is always trouble. Some say it's hard to pick out fall clothes in the summer...I completely disagree. We'll discuss that later... Here's a sneak peek at what will be arriving in the mail soon - yay!
 Believe it or not, I don't have lace shorts yet! Now I do! 

Because you can't have enough peplums!

 More flats...what has gotten into me? But they're striped so it's OK!

Yellow Wedges for $29.99 - how could you say no??

  • Superstar Bloggers - TWO of my posts this week were featuring other fashion bloggers who were awesome enough to showcase my lace necklaces. It makes me so happy to have that support and of course, I love the extra exposure. Sharon and Alyson, I can't thank you guys enough! You both looked amazing in the necklaces! Oh and a shout out to Missy from Pop of Style for including a link to my shop in her "How to Wear a Neon Necklace" post! Now I just need to find a couple more bloggers to be guest bloggers for me while I am away in Hawaii...any takers? If so, comment below! 

  • My "Lucky" ring - Ok, so it actually says "lucky" but since I have been wearing it, I feel like great things have been happening so it has a double meaning. That, and it's cute and dainty so it's not like a horrible thing to have to wear every day. Nordies has lots of other inspirational message rings...you should definitely check them out! 

Friday FOFFs-

  • My J Crew Sweater - So back here, I told you how much I loved this sweater. I do, it's really cute but the darn thing snags when I just look at it. It has snagged on everything possible...the zipper in my purse, my Lucky ring - even the damn seat belt! It now looks junky and ragged. So sad. J Crew, I am not happy with you right now! 

  • Allergies & Inner Ear Issues - For the past few months, I have been really dizzy and off-balance. I finally went to the doc and they said I most likely have an inner ear issue due to allergies. So they gave me drops and told me to take Claritin D to make it better. So far, the Claritin is working a little bit...let's hope a couple more weeks clears it up! Being dizzy 24/7 (even when you are sleeping) is NOT FUN! 
  • Bad Customer Service - This has been the week of bad customer service (BCS). Seriously, it's like I have something on my forehead telling people to be rude. The burger place down the street would not give me my usual grilled cheese kid's meal AND they forgot my fried pickles - not OK! Birchbox tried to charge me double for a purchase and then when I emailed them, their auto response said it could take UP TO FOUR DAYS to get back to me - what?? Lastly, this cute little boutique here in downtown San Diego was super snooty to me when I was looking through the store. Sure, I was in my pilates gear (Lulu) and my hair was a mess, but that is no reason to be rude. You lost out on some sales, little boutique...too bad for you! 

How was your week? What were some of your Faves and FOFFs this week?

Happy weekend all! See you on Monday!



  1. Super post :))


  2. I love the bracelet and the striped flats :)

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