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Faves and FOFFs: Lace, Lulu and Larvae

Friday Blog Post

Hi everyone.

It has taken me a two months to realize that Fridays get away from me and I don't have as much time to blog as I do the rest of the week. So I am trying out a new thing. It's not an original idea - lots of bloggers do the same thing, but I am putting my own spin on it.

Introducing the first installment of Friday Faves and FOFFs. For all of you that don't know, FOFF is a way of saying "f-off" - a lovely four letter word plus the word "off" that I will never say in this blog! The point is to rave and rant about things in the moment. I will try to keep a couple of these fashion-centered but it's Friday and it's time to have fun and let loose, so be aware that there will be some randoms in there - especially today as I am super "bugged" about something. :)

Here we go...

Friday FAVES-
  • Lace Necklaces (shameless plug) - You might be sick of me talking about these but I just got a new shipment of lace in and per everyone's requests, I have more neon pink, turquoise and now mint necklaces! Yay! I will upload them to Etsy this weekend for purchase! BTW, all of you CWAK readers get 10% all purchases if you use the CWAKBLOG promo code when ordering!
Classy with a Kick Lace Necklace Pink Turquoise Yellow and Green

  • Lululemon & Pilates - You guys already know how much I love Lululemon but now that I have some extra time on my hands, I have been able to go to Pilates regularly. Lululemon items are perfect for yoga and Pilates as they are light, stretchy and breathable. And you look super cute while wearing them. Bonus! Here's are my new Lulu loves...loving the polka dots!
Featured Items: Define Jacket // Some Like It Hot tank // 
  • Other Fashion Bloggers - It's been so great chatting with other fashion/lifestyle bloggers via twitter, comments, emails, etc. It's such a fun network of people to be a part of and hearing encouraging things from people in the same spot as you is really amazing. I appreciate all of your support and I will continue to support you guys in return. I'm feeling the love and feeling loved. :) 

Friday FOFFS- 
  • House Flies - Seriously, you would think we live in a PILE OF GARBAGE over here since our condo is - no joke - infested with these stupid little buggers. I clean this place EVERY DAY and they still like circle around our living room like it's the new popular hangout! I definitely want my home to be inviting to PEOPLE...not to flies. If any of you have a good (pet safe) way to eliminate these stupid things, please let me know!!

  • VPLs - Visible Panty Lines. - In Pilates today, I saw 3 different culprits. Why is it so hard to wear seamless or thong underwear ladies?  I know they are not the most comfortable when doing leg circles and such, but having a four cheeked butt is not OK! 
  • Backorders. Twice, count it, twice this week, I have ordered something online and was duped into thinking it was in stock by my order actually being placed. Then days after (when I am expecting to get something in the mail), I get an email saying "x is not in stock so we are refunding you...blah, blah, blah". No one asked me if I still want the item...I mean, can you give me an option to receive it later? Or what about a "sorry, please enjoy 20% off or free shipping off your next order". Nothing. Not happy! 

There you go, a glimpse inside my head for the day! I hope you all have a GREAT weekend! Happy Friday!



  1. Ha, the underwear brigade - at least working out it's semi-acceptable, but never, never in actual public! Like at a party, it's ridiculous.


    1. I know...I think I just saw REALLY bad ones the other day. It made me crazy! :)

  2. Hello dear! Saw your comment on the Treena Bean Giveaway post on Olive & An Arrow. I set that giveaway up for my mom's shop!

    I'd love it if you'd come check out my lifestyle blog True Blue Abbi and publicly follow if you like it! I've got a great giveaway going on as well that you can join(:

    Thanks so much dear!

    -XO Abbigayle Rashae

    1. Thanks Abbigayle. I will definitely check it out! :)


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