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Evolving My Color Palate

I remember getting my "colors" done when I was younger. The lady told me that with my skin tone (it was much darker back then), hair color (it was also much darker back then) and eye color (still the same), my #1 color was orange. I think I cried.

As a kid, you like the "pretty" colors - pinks, purples, teals, etc - not orange. I also remember them telling me my make up colors were neutrals - browns, blacks and coral/orange. Devastating!

Fast forward 20 years...I can't get enough of orange! I love it. It's so bright and cheery. It looks great with all colors: golds, yellows, greens, whites, etc. The only color I stay away from with orange is black - you know, the whole Halloween thing. Black accents look great, but if you are head-to-toe black and orange, you might as well walk around with a bowl of candy and a trick or treat bag! :)

I randomly checked out Hollister a few weeks ago and found some super cute dresses on sale. Since I am collecting dresses for my upcoming Hawaii trip in 10 DAYS - sorry, I'm excited -  I stocked up on a few.

I got four lovely dress - this one (but navy and white) and this one. I also got a gingham one but it's no longer online. I am loving this one too...is it too weird to have two gingham dresses???

My favorite of the four is this orange beauty! I wore it out and paired it up with some fun tortoise accents, a La Mer Wrap watch (love) and a bright green lace necklace (of course). If only the 10 year old me could see me now! My things have changed...

Featured Items:  Hollister Dress // Lace Necklace - My Etsy Store // Michael Kors Tortoise Bangle // J Crew Flats // 
La Mer Watch // Gucci Sunnies // Tory Burch Wallet (I use as a clutch!)

BTW, I also wore neutral makeup...all browns! :)

Are there things you are wearing now that you swore you would never wear? 


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