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Bold & Bright: Trying out Yellow Jeans

Don't you just love the feeling of accomplishment?

I had a lot of time to myself this weekend (the hubby was gone) so I was finally able to get a lot of things done. Here's a brief recap:
  • I finally got my gold Michael Kors watch fitted. While I was at Nordstrom, I used my triple points day and did some damage (more on those purchases later). 
  • I got a whole second batch of lace in the mail so I was able to knock out another batch of lace bib necklaces since I can hardly keep them in stock! 
  • I finally got to the Gap to try on the chevron dress I have been wanting. I actually didn't like it on. Gap, why would you have the white chevron stripe go right across the chest area?? BAD IDEA. 
  • However, while at the Gap, I just so happened to check the sale section and to my delight, the pair of jeans I had been wanting that was out of stock in my size online was there, in my size and on sale! Score!
I was so happy to finally get my yellow jeans...I wore them immediately the next day! I have so many ideas of what I want to wear with them, but I finally settled on new ruffle tube top from Hollister (on sale for $17!!), one of my new message rings from Nordies and a bright pink lace necklace, of course.

yellow denim pink lace bib statement necklace jessica simpson danys

Featured Items: Navy Tube Top - Hollister // Yellow Jeans - Gap // Dream Ring, Michael Kors Watch & Tom Ford Sunnies -  Nordstrom // Lace Necklace - Etsy // JS Danys - Zappos // Speedy Bag - Louis Vuitton

Speaking of bright, I saw these babies online and kind of feel like I need them...how cute are they?? Jess sure knows how to make shoes, don't you think??

orange and white striped wedge platform sandals

What are you thoughts on yellow jeans? How would you wear them?


Featured items:

Lace Statement Necklace

Script Rings Silver and Gold


  1. I don't have a pair of yellow jeans, but I certainly love them! You can do no wrong with brights right now :)


    1. I know...bright jeans are addicting! I want all colors!


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