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Faves and FOFFs: Sales, Superstars and Snags

Happy Friday everyone!

Here is my second Fave & FOFF post - you can read the first one here. Quick summary...faves are pretty self-explanatory; FOFFs are a nice way of saying F-off (basically things that make me mad). This week has been pretty awesome with great news on the work front (more on that later), 10 days until Hawaii and two lace necklace features (score!). Of course no week is complete without a little drama...right?

Here we go:

Friday FAVES-

  • Sales, Sales, Sales  - I know there is a sale somewhere pretty much every week but this week I took full advantage. Besides the awesome Hollister dresses I already told you about, I scored some cute things at Zara & Steve Madden. I also got my Nordstrom catalog for their upcoming sale...that is always trouble. Some say it's hard to pick out fall clothes in the summer...I completely disagree. We'll discuss that later... Here's a sneak peek at what will be arriving in the mail soon - yay!
 Believe it or not, I don't have lace shorts yet! Now I do! 

Because you can't have enough peplums!

 More flats...what has gotten into me? But they're striped so it's OK!

Yellow Wedges for $29.99 - how could you say no??

  • Superstar Bloggers - TWO of my posts this week were featuring other fashion bloggers who were awesome enough to showcase my lace necklaces. It makes me so happy to have that support and of course, I love the extra exposure. Sharon and Alyson, I can't thank you guys enough! You both looked amazing in the necklaces! Oh and a shout out to Missy from Pop of Style for including a link to my shop in her "How to Wear a Neon Necklace" post! Now I just need to find a couple more bloggers to be guest bloggers for me while I am away in Hawaii...any takers? If so, comment below! 

  • My "Lucky" ring - Ok, so it actually says "lucky" but since I have been wearing it, I feel like great things have been happening so it has a double meaning. That, and it's cute and dainty so it's not like a horrible thing to have to wear every day. Nordies has lots of other inspirational message rings...you should definitely check them out! 

Friday FOFFs-

  • My J Crew Sweater - So back here, I told you how much I loved this sweater. I do, it's really cute but the darn thing snags when I just look at it. It has snagged on everything possible...the zipper in my purse, my Lucky ring - even the damn seat belt! It now looks junky and ragged. So sad. J Crew, I am not happy with you right now! 

  • Allergies & Inner Ear Issues - For the past few months, I have been really dizzy and off-balance. I finally went to the doc and they said I most likely have an inner ear issue due to allergies. So they gave me drops and told me to take Claritin D to make it better. So far, the Claritin is working a little bit...let's hope a couple more weeks clears it up! Being dizzy 24/7 (even when you are sleeping) is NOT FUN! 
  • Bad Customer Service - This has been the week of bad customer service (BCS). Seriously, it's like I have something on my forehead telling people to be rude. The burger place down the street would not give me my usual grilled cheese kid's meal AND they forgot my fried pickles - not OK! Birchbox tried to charge me double for a purchase and then when I emailed them, their auto response said it could take UP TO FOUR DAYS to get back to me - what?? Lastly, this cute little boutique here in downtown San Diego was super snooty to me when I was looking through the store. Sure, I was in my pilates gear (Lulu) and my hair was a mess, but that is no reason to be rude. You lost out on some sales, little boutique...too bad for you! 

How was your week? What were some of your Faves and FOFFs this week?

Happy weekend all! See you on Monday!



Necklace Love: Alyson from Crushing on Clothes

Happy Thursday everyone. I am super excited today because I have another necklace featured this week...yay!

This time, it's from Seattle Fashion Blogger, Alyson from Crushing on Clothes. Alyson was the winner of my last giveaway and won the necklace of her choice. She chose the turquoise statement necklace and did an amazing job pairing it with an adorable polka dot skirt and mint accessories

Alyson from Crushing on Clothes

Looks great, huh?

If you can't already tell, I LOVE it when people wear and feature my necklaces so if you are interested, let me know. You can comment below and tell me why you want one and what color you want (choices here) and I might just pick you for an upcoming feature! :)

See you tomorrow for a Friday Faves and FOFFs post!



Evolving My Color Palate

I remember getting my "colors" done when I was younger. The lady told me that with my skin tone (it was much darker back then), hair color (it was also much darker back then) and eye color (still the same), my #1 color was orange. I think I cried.

As a kid, you like the "pretty" colors - pinks, purples, teals, etc - not orange. I also remember them telling me my make up colors were neutrals - browns, blacks and coral/orange. Devastating!

Fast forward 20 years...I can't get enough of orange! I love it. It's so bright and cheery. It looks great with all colors: golds, yellows, greens, whites, etc. The only color I stay away from with orange is black - you know, the whole Halloween thing. Black accents look great, but if you are head-to-toe black and orange, you might as well walk around with a bowl of candy and a trick or treat bag! :)

I randomly checked out Hollister a few weeks ago and found some super cute dresses on sale. Since I am collecting dresses for my upcoming Hawaii trip in 10 DAYS - sorry, I'm excited -  I stocked up on a few.

I got four lovely dress - this one (but navy and white) and this one. I also got a gingham one but it's no longer online. I am loving this one too...is it too weird to have two gingham dresses???

My favorite of the four is this orange beauty! I wore it out and paired it up with some fun tortoise accents, a La Mer Wrap watch (love) and a bright green lace necklace (of course). If only the 10 year old me could see me now! My things have changed...

Featured Items:  Hollister Dress // Lace Necklace - My Etsy Store // Michael Kors Tortoise Bangle // J Crew Flats // 
La Mer Watch // Gucci Sunnies // Tory Burch Wallet (I use as a clutch!)

BTW, I also wore neutral makeup...all browns! :)

Are there things you are wearing now that you swore you would never wear? 



Wedding Twin Fears and LA Love

Hey everyone. I was going to post this yesterday but wanted to make sure Sharon from The Tiny Heart got a shout out for wearing a CWAK lace necklace!

As I said yesterday, I really missed all of you! We had a whirlwind weekend up in LA for my sister-in-law's wedding and I had no time (or internet access to blog). But I am back with some interesting posts this week! Yay!

Here's a quick summary of our crazy weekend:
  • An amazing suite at W Hollywood - This room was TO DIE FOR! 
 A seven-person dining room & couch seating for 12+ - too bad we didn't know anyone in Hollywood!

This patio was ALL OURS! Ridic!

  • Rehearsal Dinner at Border Grill
Neon Yellow Lace Bib Statement Necklace Chevron Dress
Wearing my Chevron Tunic as a dress - and of course a Lace Necklace!

  • Day in Manhattan Beach (post migraine hangover - not cool, but the beach made me feel better)
I heart Manhattan Beach!

  • Beautiful wedding complete with a photobooth!
Don't make fun of us...there are worse ones out there!

I don't know about you, but I have a major fear of wearing the same thing as someone else at a wedding and an even bigger fear that I am wearing something similar to the girls in the wedding party - especially now that bridesmaids are wearing regular dresses down the aisle. It causes me so much anxiety...I can't even explain it!

I seriously think I would die if I walked in and saw someone in the same outfit - aka a "wedding twin". Explanation: the hubby and I have a habit of calling things that are similar to thing we own or have "____twin". For example, if someone has the same car as us, we call it a car twin. I definitely got this from the episode of Friends where Joey found his identical hand twin - hilarious! 

In an ideal world, I would love to be able to make my own dresses to avoid being a wedding twin but since I am lacking in the sewing department, that will not happen anytime soon. So instead, I always make sure that I not only find an original dress but that I make my accessories (jewelry, purse and shoes) pop. This is a great way to make yourself stand out - especially if you end up encountering the dreaded "who wore it best" scenario. 

For the wedding over the weekend, I kept it simple. I had a very basic black & off-white tank dress (black overlay, off-white under layer) similar to the one below that I wore with basic nude pumps to lighten the outfit. Lighter black fabrics are great for a summer evening wedding...just try to avoid heavy black pumps & accessorize in color/metals to keep it summery. My "pop" was in the accessories - gold and orange baby! 

summer wedding attire

Featured items: Ted Baker Dress - ASOS //  Gold "Lucky" Ring, Orange & Gold Bangles, Steve Madden Deja Vu Pumps and Black Wrap - Nordstrom // Gold Glitter Clutch Kate Spade - similar here and here)

What are your thoughts on wearing black to a summer wedding? Do you do anything in particular to prevent wearing the same outfit as someone else?



Necklace Love: Sharon from The Tiny Heart

Hey everyone...

I hope you had a nice weekend! I missed you guys!

I have some fun posts for you this week but I wanted to give a big shout out to Sharon from The Tiny Heart for showcasing one of my lace necklaces on her blog today!

turquoise lace necklace

How fab does she look?? I am loving the turquoise and coral...my favorite combo this summer! And she is wearing a skirt as a dress - one of my favorite things to do!

Sharon's blog is pretty awesome. She is super tiny so she focuses on petite styles, however pretty much everything she wears is adorable! I read her blog every day and highly recommend you guys check it out as well!

Thanks for the necklace love, Sharon!



A Week of New...

Sorry for the lack of post yesterday. I started my new consulting position and the day got away from me.
I spent the whole day in the office which was great but I missed blogging and this little monkey...

I did however get something new & fun in the mail for my next round of DIY projects. Here's a glimpse of what it is... 

Any guesses?

We are off to LA for the weekend so I'm afraid this will be my last post until Monday. It's been an amazing week full of new opportunities, new friends & new followers so thank you all for your support!

Next week should be an exciting week...I have a lot of things planned and hopefully you will see my lace necklaces on some fellow bloggers (yay!).

I hope you all have a fab end of the week and a happy weekend!



Linen Love

In San Diego, it doesn't really feel like summer until AFTER June. This June Gloom thing makes you forget that the rest of the world is enjoying BBQs, days at the pool, etc. But even though the sun isn't out, the weather is still pretty mild here. Days are warmer, but the nights are pretty cool. It makes it a little tough to plan outfits because you definitely need a sweater/jacket if you are going to be outside.

That is why I LOVE and live in linen during the summer. Linen is such a great fabric. It's comfy and provides a light layer - perfect for SD nights.

Sure, linen is a little wrinkly, but I secretly like that because it's an excuse to not iron or steam! My hubby HATES linen for this reason which makes me sad because would be so cute in linen pants! I'm working on him... :)

One of my favorite pieces this year (which I mentioned here too) is the linen sweater. It is so light yet provides the coverage and warmth that I need. I found this beauty at J Crew over the weekend and it's now a favorite in my closet. It's linen but it is sheer and metallic at the same time. Ah-mazing!

sparkly metallic linen sweater from j crew

Usually I am not a fan of linen shorts as they can get too wrinkly and sometimes show the dreaded crotch wrinkles (which I think are just as bad as VPLs) - but I got animal print shorts at J Crew (on sale, mentioned here) and they are a stiffer linen which I like. They are light like regular linen but hold up their shape a bit more.

I wore the sweater and shorts last night to my niece's birthday dinner at my favorite San Diego Italian restaurant, Bencotto. If you are ever in San Diego - you HAVE to go there. The food is to die for! :)

Featured items: Sweater & Shorts - J. Crew // Tank - Lululemon (old color but I love this one!) // Michael Kors Watch, Steve Madden Platforms & Gucci Sunnies - Nordstrom  // Turquoise Lace Necklace - My Etsy Store // Bracelet - ASOS

Fun tip - If you are a little leery of wearing too much neon, wear a neon or bright color tank/tee under a sheer shirt. It gives your outfit a fun pop of color without being too overwhelming! Try it out!

Are you a linen fan? What is your favorite material this summer?



Shorts x 4

If you know me well, you are probably surprised that I have been blogging about shorts. Rewind 2-10 years ago and I despised the things. I mean, despised; hated them in every way. I don't think I wore a pair of shorts since Sorority Rush and that was only because it was mandatory. Before that, I think it was Freshman year in college and that was late 90's - wow!

It wasn't until last summer that I started to try them out again. It started with my H&M romper that I talked about here and then progressed into buying a pair of black and white casual shorts from Target  (always try the less expensive version before spending the big bucks - my motto).

Now, my whole world has flipped and I CAN'T STOP BUYING SHORTS! Help me!

This weekend was no exception. I just so happened to walk into J. Crew on Saturday and just so happened to start going through the sale section and just so happened to find so many deals on shorts that I couldn't stop buying them.

Here's what I walked out with...(some are not on sale on the website but I scored them for under $30 each thanks to the additional 30% sale - score!)

 Bright Chino Shorts - Always a fave. I have two other colors at home too! 

 Love the Safari Cat print! And these are linen so great for summer!

I felt the need for some Seersucker! 
(These are not on the site anymore, but this is a cute scalloped pair!)

I also got a couple sweaters and a pair of neon pink khakis - so cute!

That night, the hubby and I went back to the spot where we got married in Del Mar and had a couple drinks and sat on rocking chairs at our ceremony spot. How amazing is this view??

Here is what it looked like on the actual day... ah memories!

Del Mar Wedding Jasmine Star Photographer

For the night I wore my new yellow striped J. Crew sweater and my new Kate Spade/Ann Taylor knock-off flats from Old Navy that I got for $4 last week - honestly, it was the deal of the year (so far). My guess is they were a return that resurfaced because these were out in the store around Jan/Feb!

Featured items: Sweater - J. Crew // Hudson Jeans, Michael Kors Watch, CZ Studs & Kate Spade Bag (old, but loving this one!) - Nordstrom // Turquoise Lace Necklace - My Etsy Store // Hive & Honey Belt - Piperlime // 
Flats - Old Navy (old, but learn to make your own here)

Close up of the flats - notice anything funny in the picture? I guess Kirin wanted to show off his little paws too!

Are you a shorts person? Are they trendy or a classic in your book?



New Lace Necklace Upload!!

Hey everyone,

As mentioned in an earlier post, I upload a whole new batch of lace necklaces. I have been selling them like crazy; some lady actually yelled at me from across the mall on Saturday asking where she could get one. It was weird and flattering all at the same time. :)

Anyway, here is what is now available:

 Bright Pink

 Lime Green

 Flamingo Pink

 Neon Pink - Large

 Neon Yellow - Large

 Metallic Turquoise

 Mint Green - My favorite right now

 Neon Pink - This one is like a choker style

 Neon Yellow - Briiiight! But a customer favorite!

 Raspberry Pink

Bright Turquoise - super cute!

I will do custom bulk orders if you have an occasion or a gift that you want to give. I can also work with you if you want a specific color that is not available!

Oh and the best part, because you are a reader you get 10% off! Yay. Just use code CWAKBLOG at checkout!

If you are a blogger and want to feature one on your blog, contact me and maybe we can work something out :)

Hope you all had a great weekend and a good Father's Day. Even though he doesn't read this blog - I love you Dad!


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