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Try this trend...Peplums!

New trends can be scary and exciting. On one hand, it's fun to try something new and be one of the first to be seen in a new style (I was the first girl at my high school to wear carpenter jeans - scary!). On the other hand, some of us feel awkward standing out and don't love the extra attention. Know that when you wear anything out of the ordinary, you are opening the door to odd stares and whispers - it's inevitable. But also know that sometimes those whispers are compliments and some of those lingering stares turn into someone else's inspiration.

That is exactly the reason I love trying out new trends. I want to be someone else's inspiration. I will admit that 99% of my outfit selections are based off external influences - celebs, peers, pins, etc. I am constantly getting inspired by other's choices. The whole key is to take a style, make it your own and be a trendsetter for someone else! Remember copying is the most sincere form of flattery!

One trend I absolutely LOVE this season is the peplum; a short overskirt or ruffle attached at the waistline of a jacket, blouse, or dress.

Lace and Silk Peplum Top - Alexander McQueen

Peplums get a bad rap because people say they are unflattering and add bulk. While some materials and designs may be a little extreme, I think that peplums are the complete opposite and actually flattering for almost anyone; as long as you wear one that compliments your shape.

Peplums, when done right, give shape to those of us who need a little help in some areas and coverage to those spots that we may be sensitive about. Peplums can be found on shirts and jackets - great for those who need to define a waist or hide a belly. You can also find dress/skirt styles that can give curves to those lacking in the booty/hip area while at the same time hiding those areas for those who feel they have TOO much goin' on back there. They give everyone a feminine, sexy shape - I mean, who doesn't want that?

Here are some of my faves from all different price points. Like I mentioned back in this post - when trying out a new trend, start with a lower cost option. See how you like it, how you can incorporate it in your life and if you love it - splurge on a more expensive item. If not, no worries - you didn't spend too much in the first place!

Featured items: Leopard Knit Jacket & Tiny Rose Skirt (bottom right) - Betsy Johnson
Red Lace Top, Ribbon Dress (center), and Mini Skirt - ASOS

Have you tried wearing something with a peplum? Do you find them flattering or "fattening"??

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