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Swim Candy: Pakaloha Bikinis

I'm in a Hawaiian state of mind...

We are headed to Hawaii in a little over a month and I'm at that point where I just want to sleep a lot so that July gets here faster! How am I going to wait a whole month???

There are many things I love about Hawaii. The list is way too long to write (and I would probably bore you) but for the purpose of this blog, I am going to focus on one thing - Pakaloha bikinis!
**Disclaimer, Pakaloha is not a sponsor and I am not receiving anything from them. These are my own opinions.**

While spending the day in Lahaina (Maui) last year, I found this cute little bathing suit shop tucked away next to the customized bath salts shop. The shop was small but they had an enormous selection of mix and match suits in a rainbow of color.

The idea behind Pakaloha is to combine quality and comfort with sexy. Each piece is designed to flatter and support everyone from the most dedicated surfer to the pool-lounger-who-sometimes-goes-on-the-water-slide-tourist (me).

Each piece is sold separately so you can mix and match styles, colors and sizes. If you think about it, we don't buy jeans and tops together in the same exact size - so why do most bikinis come in one size? That has always bothered me and so many brands still do it that way...

Anyway, what I love MOST about Pakaloha suits are that they don't have elastic in the "cheek" area of their bottoms so they are really flattering on all size behinds! Their bottoms are a bit smaller in the back, but it is a true fact that having less material can actually be better for those that have a little junk in the trunk (again, me).

Pakaloha just did a web redesign and they have a fun mix and match feature to find your perfect suit. By now you know how I love using online mixing and matching!

Here is what I put together as my faves for the season...

Featured - 1. Baby Beach top, Ka'anapali bottom. 2. Ka'anapali top, Honolua bottom. 3.Ho'okipa top, Ka'anapali bottom

What suits are you loving for this summer? Do you have any bathing suit tips to share?

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xo, jill

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