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Seeing Spots and Shopping in the Kid's Department

Ok, I fully admit that I am long-time kids clothing shopper. I mean, have you seen the cute stuff in the kids departments??

Browsing in the kid's department is totally normal; most people just think I am shopping for someone else. It's when they start to see me slip things on over my clothes..that's when the weird stares start to happen!

I have been doing this for as long as I can remember. I once purchased a red (pleather - or vinyl) jacket from Gap Kids while I was working at Bebe. Bebe was featuring red leather and the jacket worked perfectly into the store's selection (we could only wear colors/styles that were currently in the store). I got so many compliments from customers but when they asked where the jacket was located in the store, I had to be honest and tell them my secret. Needless to say my managers were not so happy with me sending people out of the store and across the way. I, however, think it helped me sell more leather items.

Just a couple months ago, my sister, stepmom and I went into the Children's Place to get a few things for my sister's two little girls and we ended up getting more than the kids did! (They had adorable sequin skirts and tulle skirts for under $20 - a steal!).

However, my most recent find is attributed to a fellow fashion blogger - Hello Fashion. I had actually been eyeing these super cute polka dot jeans from Target while browsing for items for my niece's birthday and was tempted to get them but didn't get around to it. After reading her blog and seeing that they were ON SALE, I ordered a pair right away.

**A quick rule of thumb, if you wear a small or x-small in women's clothes; you can usually fit into kids sizes. In case you are wondering..I am a 14-16 or XL - XXL in kids clothes (2-6 in women's clothes). Tops are easier for me since I am lacking in the chest area but usually the largest pant size (with stretch) will fit.

Anyway, my jeans are in the mail and I can't wait to get them. The first outfit I have planned is actually the one I am wearing today - just swapping out my dark denim with my new spotted ones! Yay! I can't wait!

Featured items - Polka Dot Jeans - Target, Red Sweater - Gap (I got this in 3 colors already!), Striped Clutch - J Crew, Gucci Belt - Saks, Tom Ford Leila Sunnies - Bloomies, Bracelets - ASOS (great price!) and my fave Steve Madden Pammyy wedges - Zappos. 

Have you ever shopped in the kids department? Do you have a shopping secret that most people don't know about? Tell us about it!

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