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The Green Jean Dilemma aka Ways to Wear Colored Denim

Green is my favorite color. It's fresh, bright, unisex and it just makes me happy! I love it so much it was the ONLY color I brought into our wedding theme (except my blue shoesies, of course)...

So when this whole colored denim craze came into play, my first reaction was to try it out with, what else...a green pair!  After doing some research online, I found out that Urban Outfitters makes a really cute pair that is pretty affordable and has great reviews so I got a pair. I also got these coral ones (featured here) since the price was so great!

**Quick tip: if you are hesitant about trying out a new fashion fad, find an inexpensive option first and see if you wear it. Although the quality might not be top-notch, you can get a sense of whether or not it is something you can work into your wardrobe. If you love it, then it's ok to splurge on the more expensive item (that is if you don't end up loving the item you already have). If not, you are not out too much $$. Great stores to try out new fads are Target, Forever 21, H&M and some juniors sections in department stores - B.P. in Nordstrom is a fave of mine. **

Once I got the green pair home, I literally stared at my closet trying to figure out how I was going to wear them. I am all about mixing brights, but when working with green, you have to be careful. Red/Pinks can look to Christmas-y and purples/blues can have a Joker-from-Batman effect (Full disclosure...I secretly like this look because I love the Joker! But only the Jack Nicholson Joker - Heath Ledger was too creepy!)

After a few trial rounds, I found that my favorite pieces with green jeans were as follows: (FYI - since most of these collections are neutral, you could probably wear them with any color of denim)

Option #1 - A classic look: A crisp white blouse with nude/tan accents and a chunky gold bracelet or necklace...

Classic Green Denim

Option #2 - An evening look: A black peasant off-the-shoulder top with crystal jewelry, a cute clutch and wedge sandals...
Green Flash

And finally...
Option #3 - A more sassy look: A leopard top with bright yellow accents and booties.

Lemon, Lime & Leopard

Buy it Yourself! 
 J Crew has a really cute Leopard blouse on SALE right now!

**Quick tip: One great way to look at colored denim is to think of them as dark denim. If you wear what you would normally wear with dark denim; you should be ok!**

Which of these collections suit your style the best? How would you build an outfit around green denim?


  1. Found your blog from IFB :) These looks are all so cute! I usually wear my green skinnies with another bright color, such as hot pink or yellow or a patterned top.

    The Tiny Heart

    1. Hi Sharon,

      I love brights with green as well! You have great taste! :)



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