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Getting to know...Flats!

Pigs are in flight somewhere...I bought my first pair of flats!

Ok to be fair, they are not REALLY flat-flats and I do own a few fairs of non-platform flip flops and some sneakers, but compared to my closet full of platforms and wedges, this are F-L-A-T!

Introducing my new shoesies...

I am obsessed with the Sanuk Yoga Mat flip flops for causal days and bumming around the house so when I first saw these at a cute little surf shop in La Jolla, I was intrigued. Then I tried them on and sort of fell in love. They were so comfy and light. I've been wearing a lot of crops lately (my Hudson jeans that I talked about here are my faves right now) and these go really well with them.

And they SORT of resemble the cute Soludos espadrilles at J. Crew and ASOS which I have been eyeing lately. I mean, they are both canvas, considered "beach" shoes and are flat, right??

I figure I can start with these babies and see if I actually wear them. If so, I can feel more justified splurging on these which I REALLY want.

What are you thoughts on these kinds of flats/beach shoes? Are you a fan or do you hate them?



  1. I think that flats/beach shoes can be really fun and I love these! You have a really cute blog!

    XO Kelley

  2. Thanks Kelly. I am just getting used to them! Glad we connected!


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