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FFFP - Gotta Have Faith...and Red Leather!

I've always been known for having my own style - sometimes this is a good thing; sometimes not so much. Since I usually post about my more "successful" outfits, I figured you guys could use some laughs and see some of my more unusual choices from my outfit archive.

I am proudly introducing my third Fashion Flashback Faux Pas (FFFP) post titled: Gotta Have Faith...and Red Leather. (feel free to read my first and second posts if you need more entertainment)

September 23, 1988 (this one has an actual date - thanks Wikipedia!)
Seattle, WA
Age: 9

Like most 9 year old girls in 1988, I had a HUGE crush on George Michael. Not only did I envision marrying him; but I was convinced that if I went to his concert, he would pick me out of the crowd, profess his love to me and we would live happily ever after. 

Of course, this did not happen for a few reasons:

#1 - George Michael is not into women and prefers random men in bathroom stalls. 

However, IF he was into women, then...

#2 - it would be highly inappropriate for a grown man to fall in love with an 8-year old child (although with his track record...it might not be too far off!)

And if he was into women AND 8 year old girls then...

 #3 - if he saw what I was wearing at the concert, he would have run as far away from me as possible! 

Let me explain... 

I was really excited to go to the concert. I had seen GM on MTV and knew he was into scantily-clad women. So when planning my outfit for the concert, I made sure to keep that in mind. After days of going back and forth, I had the perfect outfit planned:

1. Off the shoulder black sweater - perfectly 80's (same sweatshirt worn here
2. Red leather mini skirt - no idea WHY I owned this, but I did and I loved it. 
3. Black fishnet tights - again NO idea why an 8 year old had these - maybe a drama class costume?
4. Red patent leather flats (at least they were flats, right??)
5. Classic 80's side ponytail with a red sparkly scrunchie & GREEN crimped hair (don't ask - I had leftover green hair color spray from Halloween the year before. I was a punk rocker, of course)

I was fairly certain that THIS was the outfit that would make him stop his concert and pull me up on stage. The best part, I somehow convinced my mom to let me wear it out  - thanks Mom! 

Anyway, in case you were wondering, I did NOT get pulled on stage and never ended up marrying George Michael. But at least I thought I looked damn good trying and I have a story that came out of it. Oh and just so you know...I invited a friend to come with me and her outfit consisted of jeans, keds and a sweater with a teddy bear on it. I mean, what was she thinking???

The moral of this FFFP story: Red leather can be hot, but it will probably not help an 8 year old girl marry - or even date a world-famous, adult gay male rockstar. 

However, if you are interested in a more appropriate take on this outfit, check out my selection below. **Note the homage to GM with the monogrammed "faith" necklace - fantastic! 

Featured items - V-Neck Sweater - Banana Republic, Striped Shirt - Forever 21, Red Pants - Gap, "Faith" Monogram necklace - Gara Danielle (LOVE this!), my all time faves - Viktoree Pumps - Steve Madden (blacks are hard to find but these purple ones are fab and these silver ones are amazing), Tory Burch "Robinson" tote, Bangles - Kate Spade

What was your craziest concert outfit? What do you normally wear to concerts now-a-days?

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