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FFFP: Dangers of the Scarf Shirt

Ok this FFFP (Fashion Flashback Faux Pas) post is super embarrassing but SUCH a great story, I had to share it. Beware, it's cringeworthy but I promise it is 100% true.

Summer 2004
Las Vegas, NV

During the summer of 2004, I was on a serious health kick. I has just moved to Las Vegas and was only working part time so I had lots of time and motivation to get in shape. I was also spending about 1-2 hours at the pool each day working on my tan. Needless to say, I was skinny and tan - the perfect mix for skimpy clothing.

At the time, Bebe (great for Vegas clubwear) had a line of handkerchief tops. They were basically tiny little silk tops that tied at the neck and were totally backless except for a small tie on the back - like this:

I lived in these tops...I had three but it wasn't enough. I wanted more but I had already bought all of the ones Bebe carried. Since they looked like scarves, I had this great idea to take an actual silk scarf, fold it in half to make a triangle and then tie it in the back. It looked just like the other tops and there were SO many different scarf patterns out there! I thought I had hit a goldmine. Not only could I make tons of new tops - I never had worry about someone having the same outfit on!

Around that time, a few of my girlfriends came into town for a bachelorette party and a small group of us decided to hit up the famous male dance review - The Thunder From Down Under. To catch you up, TFDU is like the Chippendales but with Australian accents. I decided to wear my leopard print homemade scarf top for this particular outing. It was a male "dancer" show so animal print seemed appropriate. We ended up getting to the show a bit late so they gave us a table up in front because another party had not shown. Lucky us, we had front row seats! Usually that is a good thing but not so much for this type of show; things are a bit too close, if you know what I mean.

Mid-way through the show during a lovely performance to "At the Carwash", I felt a tickle under my scarf shirt and realized the inside layer was sticking out. I GENTLY pulled it and before I knew it, my ENTIRE TOP HAD FALLEN OFF. And the worst part was, it was double knotted in the back so there was no quick way to resolve this issue. I screamed and asked for my girlfriends to help as I was sitting there TOPLESS (oh and there is no way to wear a bra under a scarf shirt FYI) and they were so busy laughing at me, no one would help!

Finally I felt a towel hit my head and I saw that one of the Thunder From Down Under performers had thrown it to me. It registered immediately afterwards that he obviously saw my "predicament" and wanted to help. In other words, he saw me sans scarf top!

It was all a blur after that but I remember using the towel to cover up and having someone FINALLY help me get my shirt back on. I was completely mortified. I mean, who gives the strippers a show at their own show???

The night ended with the entire TFDU crew bringing on stage to take a picture with them and dragging me into their dressing room to have them applaud me. It was mortifying to say the least but they tried to make light of it. We ended up at a party with some of them later that night and you can bet I got made fun of the entire night. I still cringe when I think of it...I can't believe it actually happened to me!

Moral of this FFFP Story:  If you are going to wear a scarf top, wear something under it and DO NOT tug at it under any circumstances. Oh and when going to a male "dancer" show, try your hardest to keep your own clothes on...the performers are the ones who are supposed to be taking their clothes off!

For a more "safe" and more updated take on this look without the scarf, try something like this!

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Have you had an outfit malfunction before? What do you usually wear in Vegas?



  1. Like this outfit Alot! Great Blog!

  2. lol omg!! I am so sorry you went through that but - that story was HI-larious!! :)

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